Sunday, December 20, 2015

Truly a Day of Rest.....

Okay so I didn't sleep till noon, somebody else did and at first I was a bit jealous, but
She is just too is not her bed...however she worked so hard to fit in it.

Yes, we did finish picking up and putting things back in some sense of order around the house.  These days I need to plan ahead cause I cannot do many things.

The quilting is done on these 2 quilts for a pair of wonderful sisters....if only I could twitch my nose and that typewriter key fabric would magically become binding.  Even better if they were done, but hey I've got 4 days.
Maybe this little helper who gets in the mix every time I get into the studio could really assist, these would be done already.  Then again I haven't the heart to scoot her out of the way.  She was my mother in laws' kitty and came to live with us in May.  Moving her from Minnesota to Georgia, to a house with 2 dogs hasn't been easy for her.  Okay so I'm a softie.

I already know I may not get much done tomorrow as that special little guy will be here and we will be trying to beat each other at a few different games.  This trash talking Grandma can hold her ground.

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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