Thursday, May 29, 2008

Transformation Piece Complete!!

Well except for the sleeve and the label!! Lol...... I still haven't decided on a name yet so still have to come up with that. I'm really pleased with this one it actually came out looking like what was in my head. I know you all can relate to that. So here is the overall piece....

All rights reserved Kristin Rodriguez

Close up of the winter brances with the beading.

Close up of the spring tree to show you the little fabric bits and netting.

Now to make a few 5 x7" for the auction. Mom finished 2 before going in to surgery this morning so she was able to contribute.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Working on......

I'm almost done with my "Transformation" piece. I've got it quilted and bound now I just have to embellish it. Finally put a sleeve and label on it to call it complete. Definitely will be ready for the June 10th deadline.

Then I've got to move on to making/finishing pieces for BRA. Brazenly Radiant Art will start auctioning off the donated artwork June 15th/16th. I've got several in the works and want to do more so that is the next project. Lol........then I'm sure I'll have to get back to the Amy Butler shop model quilt of diamonds!! As for Amy Buter stuff I did do her new Birdie Sling!!

I used the Midwest Modern line and it turned out great. This was my first time doing pleats and I must say they came out well. I'm now definitely in the mood for summer. back to beading that exhibit piece!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Sale & "Transformation" Piece

Well Memorial Day will be my last day off for a while since Mom is having her surgery this week. She decided that she wanted to have a sale that day!!! I guess figuring that more of you will come in and visit her before she vegitates for 2 months. So the sale is 20% off of everything excluding consignment items......finish off a bolt though and get 25% off that piece of fabric!!! So take a moment in between all your Memorial Day plans to stop on by and wish her a good summer!

I signed up again to make a piece for the exhibit that Fiber Art Fusion is doing this summer at The Art Place in Marietta, GA. The theme of this year's show is "Transformation". I just started working on the piece on Monday. Shh......don't tell anyone I completely forgot the deadline so then had to hurry up and do it before mom left! is the piece so far. I have to layer and quilt it but that's it. Don't have a name quite yet but a few are rolling around in my head. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!!!

All rights reserved Kristin Rodriguez

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Donation Received & Work on a Challenge Quilt

As we get to 1 month before the auction to raise funds for It's the Journey, Inc and the Atlanta 2-Day Walk the donated artwork is starting to come in. Here is the second one we received yesterday!!

Piece by Suzanne Freed of Atlanta, GA
I joined Chattahoochee Evening Stars a couple months ago after we did a presentation there. The group of people is simply amazing. They have a lot of fun with each other and are supportive towards the works of others even if it is not a style that they typically do/know. At the first meeting they handed over a piece of fabric (pic below) and rules for a challenge quilt. Well I decided to give it a go.......don't like the fabric that much so really had to think of a way to change it up.

Here's the start of it. The problem might be the "recognizable amount" of fabric on the front!! It's on there and I'm not done with using it but it definitely didn't stay in the original form. We'll see how it goes from here but might not post the finished piece on here even though it might kill me. It's not actually due till the end of the year I think.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A whole bunch of stuff.......

Here is another piece just arrived for BRA: Brazenly Radiant Art.....the fundraiser we are doing for the Atlanta 2-Day Walk.

by Emilia Ruiz Tucker, GA

I've gotten a couple more rows on this shop model for the Amy Butler fabric. Too bad I was following Amy's free pattern that got pulled this week. Oh well.....guess people will just have to come up with something else to do after they see the use of the fabric.

Once again I have been doing more baby projects. I simply took fleece and appliqued a fish onto it. Then put another layer of fleece on the back and put binding around the edges. Looks nicer then simply the fleece but so easy to do. I think the applique took me about 30 minutes.

Close-up of the fish.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A bunch of catch up.......

Sorry guys for not writing in a long time. Things kind of got crazy for me recently and I took an unexpected trip out of town. Now I'm finally back in the swing of things and here's what we've been working on lately. As was requested here are some photos of mom's book she worked on while down at Focus on Fiber at the beginning of April.

The cover.

Working on Lutradur.

Close up.

Other side of pages.

Here are the PCs I've gotten in return from my Tsukineko Ink swap. 1st- Ingrid Tiffe, 2nd-Meg Lamey, and 3rd- Patricia Mattison
Gotta admit I think Meg's is my can't figure out why!! Flowers tend to be my thing so I loved getting one in return and her shading is awesome.

Front of quilt mom is working on. This is one of those ones that should have been done eons ago but wasn't. This will be one of the pieces up for reverse auction in October that is a part of Brazenly Radiant Art.

Mom is in love with the back of the quilt and how the lines look on the diamond fabric.

This is what I'm working on. This is the shop model for the Midwest Modern line of fabric by Amy Butler. Lol.....this is the first time I've ever done diamonds. Haven't decided yet if I like working with them. I can say that I hated cutting them out!

Last but not least for this post......Mom is making this quilt out of the Australian fabrics we carry. Hopefully she'll get this one done before surgery so it will be hanging over the summer.
There is so much going on around her now so I promise to keep you guys updated more frequently then this last post took!