Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pocket Potpourri......

Forgive me, I should really look before I mention things, but honestly I thought a picture of the quilt had been shared on our blog, come to find out the only mention was on Facebook. I really had fun making this quilt, the pattern is by "Heart to Hand" and looks nothing like Kathi's example, we work in totally different colorways. 
The moment I saw her example I knew I wanted to do it in these colors, just couldn't resist.  For me this was a wonderful pattern to work from as I followed her instructions for creating the flowers...which meant "no thinking" on my part, compared to always having to figure out how to do something, it was already done for me.  Kathis' instructions were easy to follow.  The only change I made was to actually set the blocks into a quilt versus pockets on the surface of the fabric back.
Are these bumble bees adorable?
I did this block with the thought that I would make a second quilt with more muted colors, this is the same block as the rose colored one in the bottom right hand corner of the finished quilt, this would show how different the quilt can look just changing up the colors.  However, now that I have started "collecting" more colors of wool I'm sort of leaning toward a whole other colorway......just because I can.....and because it was so much fun to make.

You can find the pattern and the kit for the quilt on our website under the Hand-dyed Cheesecloth, Patterns with Cheesecloth.

Thanks for stopping by and we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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