Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sometimes Rejection Is a Good Thing.....

We decided to collaborate on a new piece of work for possible inclusion in a book, you saw a sneak peak back on February 6th.  The piece was finished on time, a miracle all on it's own and submitted.  Over 200 artists submitted their work for consideration. 
 As we were photographing it one of us commented on how great it would look hanging in our booth, the thought of waiting until the publication of the book seemed daunting, but submit it we did.  It was not chosen and you know that was okay with us.....there is a first time for everything....never in all the years of submitting work have I ever been so relieved not to have been chosen.  Crazy!
It made it's debut in Hampton, VA at Mid-Atlantic, then was shown in our booth at Mt. Dora, FL, those of you who will be attending the Vintage View Quilt Show in Raleigh, NC this coming weekend will be able to see it up close and personal.  Looks much better in person....the main color just didn't photograph well (could be a reason for rejection).  You can see how we used our hand-dyed burlap...even the sparkle burlap, cheesecloth and hand-dyed kona. 

We decided we like it so much we are thinking of collaborating on a couple of similar pieces before we go to A.I.R. Studio in Paducah, KY....wishful thinking at it's best.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We are still kicking in Hampton, VA

Somehow a couple weeks just sailed right on past us without a chance to write.  The weather threw off our dyeing schedule just a wee bit.  The product couldn't get delivered and then when it did most were missing items!  Oh well....means they will have to be dyed here in March!  We've been having so much fun with the new items.....Rayon Seam Binding, Sari Silk Ribbon, Sparkly Burlap, and more.  They've been well received here at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival so that makes us very happy!

We have more sparkly burlap headed in so we'll be working on those numbers for those that missed it.  

Here's some of the photos from our road trip.

We have a new booth size so that we can spread out some. I think it is working great for us.

It certainly has allowed the modern quilt area to shine.  The Visions of Purple quilt kit is sold out.  Hopefully we will have replacements on that by Raleigh.  I'll do my best in the dye studio.

We introduced a few new colors in Bindles.  That book you see in the back is fabulous!!!  We can't keep it in stock.  It is out yet again.  Too quick a turn around to get any more for Mt Dora but we will have some again in Raleigh, NC.

We LOVE seeing what people do with our items!  This show has been amazing for it.  We got to see a group challenge where they used a lot of our items.  Gotta admit.....dyed batting stitched right in as if it were a regular fabric makes quite a statement in a mini quilt and carrier rods heavily embroidered before being put on the quilt are gorgeous!  There has also been a group with a paint chip challenge shopping in our booth.  Hopefully next year we will see the results of that challenge too.  

All of a sudden I looked up from the register and spied this bag!!!!  It was made by Angie Fowler using 2 of our Thermofax Screens!  Isn't it just amazing.  The tree print actually was created by a photo taken in Hampton, VA our first year so quite fitting that she bought the screen then carried the bag at this show!