Sunday, December 6, 2015

Celebration Day

We love this time of year! No shows, Market orders have been filled, holidays, and some catching up on rest & relaxation! We will have to get cranking for 2016 show prep soon enough but in the meantime we enjoy lazy days!

I spent the early part of the day getting the background prepped for the wool tree (while Kristin was downstairs knitting and yelling at the Falcons game!). 

Maybe tomorrow I can do some quilting, however it is a physical therapy day. Might mean I just come home and take a nap....we'll see.

The best part of the day was helping my niece ring in her 20th birthday. She has been helping us for about a year now here at FOAW. Trust us when we say.....there is a lot of product that wouldn't have made it to your bags without her help.  We enjoyed taking the time to wish her a "Fabulous" Birthday (her favorite word.....she announces her "fabulous" self every morning as she comes in to work)! 

Here we are at dinner.  Amazingly we didn't even clear the section of the restaurant out! It has happened more times then we should admit to. We were quite well behaved if we do say so ourselves! 

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