Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Peak At Our Booth at Mid-Atlantic....

I really planned on posting photos yesterday after we finished setting up, but left without taking any.  Hope you enjoy...

 Cheesecloth gradations.
The red bird is the one I was working on in the last blog post. Burlap smalls and Linen fat quarters.
Osnaburg fat quarters sitting on an Osnaburg quilt in the greens.
 In this little space we have our hand-dyed rayon seam binding, sari silk, 2 sizes of rick rack, lace....I probably have overlooked something.

In the event you are at Mid-Atlantic in Hampton, VA come by and say hello...we are in booth 1310.  Or if you are at QuiltCon in Savannah, GA stop in and say hi to Kristin.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Little Stitching Time.......

Finally a few minutes to stitch.....with an audience to boot
She did not appreciate my intrusion into "her room" especially my taking over "her chair and table", to add more insults, the sun was shining, access to her window was blocked by yours truly.  It is always fun to be scolded by this very sweet kitty.....and somehow I do feel guilty even though I did pick her up so she could sit in the window.  I have come to realize she does not like how the table vibrates and the sound of the sewing machine. 

I did persevere and managed to get a couple of things stitched together
This pattern by Susan Edmonson called "Birdie Bird" has been so much fun that I am on my second set of birds...for those of you attending QuiltCon in Savannah, Georgia these two will be on display in our booth there. 
These are the first two I made and they made an appearance in Houston at Quilt Festival 2016.....

they will be coming with me to Mid-Atlantic in Hampton, Virginia next week.

I am contemplating creating an entire flock of these guys....cause they are so much fun to make and each has their own personality.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Ironing" Elbow vs "Tennis" Elbow......

After ironing for a week now I swear I am suffering from "ironing" elbow/shoulder....but we have more to do to be ready for 3 shows over 2 weeks...cause there will be no time to restock between.  Whoever thought this would be a good idea....needs to be put in time out.....hmmmm!
These little bits of burlap will get tied up with our hand-dyed cheesecloth, osnaburg, and kona, becoming what we call "Bindles" yummy little packs of texture. Great for adding dimension to your work...just need a little bit in a landscape.  Love them.
However, most of my time over the past week has been taken up with ironing 8 yard bolts of osnaburg...15 bolts worth....holy moly that is a LOT of fabic.  By the time Kristin came back from her week of "relaxation" there were stacks of fabrics ready to wind onto the cardboard you can see that hasn't happened yet...even though she's been home for a few days.  It is like sitting in color heaven!

Oh and we have folded cheesecloth and folded cheesecloth to the tune of 4 overflowing clothes baskets.  Remember the stack in the chair I showed previously...well this is the last basket full...yeah the chair is empty...yippeeee!  This does not even take into count the perle cotton we have twisted, rayon seam binding or sari silk we have package.....oh boy will our booths look good come Mid-Atlantic in Hampton, VA, QuiltCon in Savannah, GA and Quits in Paradise Show put on by the Friendship Knot Guild in Sarasota, FL.

Guess I've had a bit of a break and it's time to go tie up all those goodies.....

Thursday, February 2, 2017

We Will Be Teaching At Houston 2017.....

We got great news yesterday....we are thrilled to announce that we will be teaching 2 classes in Houston at the International Quilt Festival this fall.  Upon leaving Houston this past fall we talked about wanting to teach again but we wanted to offer a new class or we got down to business and developed two great little book/journal classes.

This is a peak at our Altered Art Journal.  You will make a mini art quilt as a book cover and then you will create unique signatures out of a variety of papers.  It was so much fun creating these that we have been working in the paper arts more making like this is so much fun. 
Here is a little peak at our other class project; Layered Pages.  I have made fabric books for years, beginning with making them for my kids when they were small, but this one was so very special.  This was a collaboration with Kristin, once again she did the background for each page, then turned them over to me...the only thing we agreed upon ahead of time was a theme...."Flowers". 

We will keep you updated as the year continues....Yippeee!