Thursday, September 12, 2013

How many lists can you keep straight?

As fall is now in full swing, so is the show schedule.  We technically were going to only have Asheville Quilt Guild Show and Houston Market and Festival.  Could we hold ourselves to just that.....never!!!  Instead we decided to do the Pop-Up Store/Classes and got called in for a booth at Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA.  PIQF is the weekend right before Market.  (head meet desk)  

We swear we can get all of this done....we just have to make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished right?  Only problem is we keep adding more things to the list and having to start new ones!  Uggghhhh....we will accomplish it least that is what I keep telling myself.  

Maybe....that was at least before we put out proposals for Open Studios and MIU at Houston Festival.  We both got scheduled for an Open Studios slot and Kristin got 3 classes at MIU and Jan got 2!!!  That is 125 kits that have to be made up.  (head meet desk yet again)  It really is a fabulous opportunity and one that we've enjoyed doing for many years but we only have 4 hands doing the work.  We are immensely grateful though for several friends that have volunteered time to help us out.  That will end up being huge in the scheme of things!  Plus our lovely neighbor Natalie seems to have some unspoken connection with an iron that we can't figure out.  She irons close to 60yds worth of fabric in an hour!  We love her for it!!!

Here is Jan's project for MIU Burlap "Artscape"!

Here is Kristin's project for MIU Mixed Media Ornaments!

Here are our new "Bindles" for Sample Spree during Quilt Market.  They contain burlap, osnaburg, cotton, and cheesecloth.  If any are left, they could make an appearance in our booth at Festival...who knows.

Now I guess I've procrastinated enough and better get back to work!!!