Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another Bit of Exciting News.....

Well, I still need a bit of convincing on this one and for those who have viewed our little video on Thermofax screens, thank you for your patience.  You see we keep getting asked for more videos.....so....we have decided to make more of them.  We are still working out all the details such as how frequently they will air, right now we are thinking 2 a month.  What we have is a list of subjects/products we will cover, and as we talk over things, that list gets longer...I think that is a good thing for those of you who have asked us to do this.  As for me I'm trying to figure out a way to run or some way to combat the nerves.

These videos will be short tip based, but with us showing finished pieces of how we used whatever it is the video is about.  Hopefully we will be able to spark a bit of creative adventure in those who view them....I do hope that if that's the case some of you will be brave enough to email us with show and tell.

Till Tomorrow

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