Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New T-shirt Quilt

Here's the most recent t-shirt quilt I just finished. Decided to keep it simple since the shirts had so much on them. The individual is a "graphic novel" fan so went with blue and red as they are the colors of many a superhero!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brazenly Radiant Art (BRA) Fundraiser!

Once again I'm participating in the Atlanta 2-Day walk for breast cancer. In 2008, I did an art fundraiser that helped me raise the necessary $1000! I'm once again putting art up for donations. These mixed media needlecases measure 4.5" tall by 3.25" wide. They have a wrap closure with 4 pages of felt to hold your needles. Each of these is available for a $15 donation to the Atlanta 2-Day. Please email Kristin at fiberonawhim@yahoo.com with the name of the needlecase you'd like. I will then send you the link to make the donation and once made I'll mail it out via first class mail!

Flower Garden (Acquired)

Dream (Aquired)

Adore (Orange)

Bliss (Orange)

Hope (Acquired)

Soar (Green)

Bliss (green)

Hope (Green)

Love (pink)

Angel (pink)

Dream (Pink)

Giggle (pink)

Brown Needlecase

Tree Needlecase