Saturday, June 21, 2008

AQ Workbook Yahoo Group Quilt #1

Since mom teaches the classes here at the shop on the book it is quite hard for me to jump on in and join the class. I decided to join a group that was working through it online. The members are all from the Quiltart list wnd were also looking for a little reassurance from others as they worked through the book. We are going to work through chapter by chapter!! First up....deciding on a theme to make a series. I decided on leaves. I've been so into trees lately that I didn't want to do that but leaves are the next best thing!! So here is my first quilt in the series of leaves.

Copyright 2008 Kristin Rodriguez

BRA Auction

The Brazenly Radiant Art Auction raised $1100 for breast cancer. There are remaining items that are still able to be acquired. They are in the display case in the shop and will remain there until all items have been acquired or our next fundraising event. So if you are able to donate at a later time stop on by the shop and see the art.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pieces up for preview NOW!!

You can view all of the pieces up for auction for Brazenly Radiant Art at Here are just a few of the many beautiful ones that can be had for a $40 donation to It's the Journey Inc/Atlanta 2-Day Walk which supports awareness, research, and support of breast cancer. Auction opens on June 16th at 10AM EST.

Pescado Fresco V by Jane Davila

You are my Sunshine by Heidi Miracle-McMahill

September I by Virginia Spiegel (Acquired and donated by Karey Bresenhan)

In Full Bloom by Joyce Klein

Untitled by Lisa Mallette

Untitled by Janelle Girod

Leaf III by Kristin Rodriguez

Thanks to all of you who donated work. Thanks in advance to all of you who plan on acquiring a piece tomorrow!! We greatly appreciate your generosity for this great cause.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brazenly Radiant Art Preview Opens Tomorrow!!

All the donations will be up for preview tomorrow by 2PM EST. The auction will then open on June 16th at 10AM EST. There are so many beautiful items that I've been drooling all day. I promise none got on the artwork!! Remember that these pieces will be available both online and in-house......simply a matter of who speaks for it first. If I get a rush of emails at 10AM before anyone makes it in the door they are sold to online or vice versa so be ready. Karla is coming in to help on Monday so we will be glued to the computer and the display case in order to keep everything running smooth. Once again these items up for auction will be won by the first person that speaks for the item and pledges a minimum $40 donation. You will then receive an email from me notifying if you won the item or not. That email will include instructions on how to make an online donation to It's the Journey, Inc/Atlanta 2-Day Walk or how to get us a check for the donation.

Thanks again to all of you who made pieces!! Now all we need to do is get the bidding of to a fast!

Talk with ya'll tomorrow.

Monday, June 9, 2008

BRA Auction Just 1 Week Away

Hi everyone!!! We are still accepting donated pieces for the BRA Auction so keep on making them!!

As promised here is how the Brazenly Radiant Art Auction is going to work. All pieces will be posted online for preview on June 15th. You will find them on the gallery page of our website We will accept bid emails starting at 10AM EST on June 16th. Please wait till you receive a confirmation email from us that you won the piece before making your minimum $40 donation to It's the Journey/Atlanta 2-Day. The link to make the donation will be on the gallery page of our website along with in the confirmation email. You can also make a donation by check and you can request those instructions when you make the email bid. Remember these are going to be on display in house as well. The piece will go to the first person that bids on it whether it is in house or online. We will make sure to keep the page as up to the minute as possible. We have many great pieces and are eagerly looking forward to raising funds for this great cause.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pieces for BRA

Well I've finally gotten in gear and started making a few more pieces for the BRA auction. They are not finished yet because I want to add more embellishments before satin stitching them. Here's the preview of them though. Now I best be off to work on more. My mind is going a mile a minute with some more ideas!! Gotta get them out before they fly away.........

Family History by Kristin Rodriguez

Interupted Topiaries by Kristin Rodriguez

Simply Believe by Kristin Rodriguez