Thursday, December 31, 2015

The News Just Keeps Coming.......

We are just full of exciting news, aren’t we?  As I have said before we have been listening to all of you as we vend and we do realize that we are “just a tad bit different”.  So…we are happy to announce that we will be offering a variety of online classes this year.  Most will be 4 weeks, for some of you that know us that will be tough because as we talk, even in the booth we can come up with a multitude of ways for you to use what we carry.   Written instructions as well as videos will accompany classes as needed.
These will cover many topics from;
1.       Water Soluble Stabilizer’s: different types, how they work and how do they benefit you.
For "Kudzu" the leaves were made using a water soluble stabilizer.

Southwest landscape was needle felted using a water soluble, creating a whole new fabric.
 2.       Silk Journey: Explore silks from cocoons to silk hankies.
"Silk Garden" shows a cocoon tassle and carrier rod flowers.
"Morning Glory" uses a silk hankie as the background for machine and hand stitches.
3.       Texture Exploration: using our Texture Packs, what can you create using all those goodies
"Roses in the Briar Patch" uses one of Fiber on a Whims' Texture Packs.
 4.        Mixed Media Collage Backgrounds:  Preparing different backgrounds for your collage work
This is an example of a mixed media collage, check out that background.
 5.       Intense Pencils/Blocks:  From Backgrounds to Details
These dogwood blossoms are an example of using Inktense Pencils.
Since we will be staying home more this year (easier on this ole body) we will have more time to play, so check in frequently because you never know what we may come up with as we “play” in our studios.

Till Tomorrow

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