Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Day of Rest.....

We did exactly  The first couple of photos I'm sharing show the extra evergreen boughs I mentioned yesterday, I think the mantle  is finished.

A friend sent me a coloring book to occupy myself with after surgery, figuring I wouldn't be up to much.  Kristin doesn't feel well so I shared, this is what she did today.  If she'd felt better I think a paint brush would have been used to make her page more vibrant.

I have wanted these lights for more than a year.  This time last year hubby was building this deck [with help from us], but this style light was so expensive.   A deal came in an email and I jumped on it, today they got put up....they are perfect. ....we'll enjoy sitting with a  drink in hand out there.

Thanks for stopping by,  we'll see what tomorrow will bring. 

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