Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Baking

Kristin has spent the last two days baking for the holidays! The house smells phenomenal and I can't wait to eat what she has made. I have had the biggest sweet tooth since the surgery and that is very unusual for me!

She started out with these Chewy Molasses cookies. Kristin likes these better then traditional gingerbread cookies. These are what really made the house smell like the holidays.

Later she went on to make my favorite cookies Spritz! Almond flavored shortbread essentially. I heard her crack up laughing. Seeing as she was the only one in the kitchen I went to check it out.
Seems that we didn't have any regular food coloring in the house....only neon. I guess we must have done some Easter egg dyeing with my grandson at some point.  They are the BRIGHTEST cookies I have ever seen. Oh well.....

This is the current stack on the counter....Double Chocolate, Chewy Molasses, Spritz, Thumbprints, and pound cakes.

She has some merengues in the oven right now too. As you can see I decided to hit the pound cake first! It is a really good thing that she is packaging up gift boxes right now though as I really don't need to encourage my sweet tooth to stick around!

Back to my Christmas Tree quilt....

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