Friday, December 4, 2015

Playing in the Wool

The recuperation from this surgery sometimes makes me feel like there is no time in the day. My morning is spent trying to avoid thinking about going to physical therapy. Unfortunately not going is not an option if I want to get back to driving much less operating a sewing machine. Once I go all I can do is think of taking a nap!  That is something I definitely don't avoid but then all of a sudden it is dinner time and the day is over. Doesn't leave much time for creating....does it?

Today though I managed to stay awake and play with some wool for that magazine project I showed yesterday. This is as far as I got before falling asleep for that well earned nap!

I don't like the center background as it washed out in this photo. I think I will go back to the stash to find something with a little darker tone and more character. The Violets linen and Parchment osnaburg are perfect though. Here's a reminder of that pattern by Phyllis Meiring....

Now let's see how far I can get tomorrow....

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