Friday, October 12, 2012

Too Much Color....on Me

Guess I had to cry Uncle at some point, so yesterday except for sometime on my balcony I did not venture into the SUN!  That means I actually got a few things created.  Take a peak at my decorated canvas  apron...remember I like things somewhat simple, not too much frou-frou for me.  I remember seeing Stampingtons' Apronolgy for the first time several years back, which is probably when this apron entered my stash....yes sometimes things get lost and have to be found.  Recently I came across it and decided it was time to get busy.
Of course I did have to pick up a "few" new things for it the thick crocheted lace, which I found at Random Arts in Saluda, NC.  Thanks, Jane love your shop.  Had the vintage hankie, just had to tea stain it so that it fit into to my shabby look.

Recently I found a great blog....Katies Rose Cottage, love her flowers, so I tried a few.  Love easy to make...even with my not so coordinated arthritic hands. (have noticed an increase in dropsy lately, now I always have had a problem with this but....)
 See I told you I was hooked.  Here's my garden so far and I have 2 more underway today.  They are so fun to make.
Now it's time to appreciate the view......

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Studio...Away from Studio

When I'm on the road for work or fun I always have some sort of art making "stuff" with really is the way I relax as well as work, my hands and mind have to be busy.  Soooo.......when I knew I was headed directly from Susan Brubaker Knapp's retreat to Florida I packed a "few" things to play with prior to leaving for North Carolina, I even thought I should pack a separate bag of clothes...I mean really mountain wear and beach wear are two different things.  Then I just moved my retreat project, sewing machine and threads into the south bound vehicle once I arrived home.  When I arrived at my final destination of the day (13 hours from the time I left North Carolina) I put the machine on the table and set some "stuff" up.....okay I've got to be honest, it was the next morning and I got distracted in the light of day.....
Off the balcony this is my view...can't beat that....I mean I then headed outside.
 Off for a walk with my camera in hand....
 Sorry the pull was just too great so......I grabbed a chair, sandwich, sunscreen and a book.  After sitting only a few minutes I gained a friend....funny thing he stayed the entire time I sat there and I swear he was offered nothing.  As the surf came in more I did have to move which is when I realized that even using a 50 SPF sunscreen I was burning....time to call it a day.....I figured no sense being so burned I would be uncomfortable, but I did fight it for about 30 minutes more.  I mean really would you want to go in or find a shady spot with no view.
 Back in the "studio" I pulled out more of my goodies.....wondering if I have enough OR everything I thought I'd "need".....   As someone keeps saying..."make it work"!
Maybe tomorrow I will have something to show for my creative efforts.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wow! No Work....Just Creative Playtime

We just attended the "Once in a Blue Moon Fiber Art Retreat" with Susan Brubaker Knapp in Black Mountain, NC, which is near Asheville, a lovely mountain town with a very artsy vibe.  It was a lovely time with old friends and new.  Twenty-five of us descended from far and near to spend a few days with Susan and learn just a bit about how she creates her fabulous fiber art pieces.

Susan's photo of Barnhart Lodge at historic Blue Ridge Assembly YMCA, first enticed us to check out her retreat further.  I mean really wouldn't you. Once we got a glimpse of her photo's of the projects we knew we were hooked.

Susan's photo of the Passion flower sealed the deal for Kristin and her photo of the pumpkins was all it took for this October born Mom.
As always the hardest part is choosing the fabrics you want to do "your" project in.  Susan's supply lists were very good with the above color photos included, so we each tackled the round up and fretted that we had everything we would need.  We tried not to take too much with us so that we would all fit in the car.  You know how hard it is not to take your entire thread collection with you, cause you know you just might need the one you left behind....I do think we should each pat ourselves on the back....maybe Kristin more than Mom, cause I wound up buying 3 spools from Carol Britt of Batiks Etc.
Kristin chose the above colorway for her Passion flower and I chose the colorway below for my pumpkins.
Here is a peak at our "ironing center" which really made it hard to return to the work room....
Taking photos off the porch was our biggest distraction, especially these little beauties which seemed to multiply and change each day.  I heard someone rocking comment on how when the sun hit them they actually had a copper glow....

Kristin's Passion flower is wonderful, she managed to finish all her tracing, fusing and thread sketching....and you wonder why I call her the "Energizer Bunny"!  By the time I get home next week she will probably have it finished.

These are my version of the pumpkins, they photograph nicely....however I wish there was just a tad of variation/contrast, "something" in the gray ones to the back.  Am hoping I can fix them during thread sketching...but that brings me back to the thread issue and not working in my own studio.   I will try to finish mine this week but don't hold your walks on the beach may take priority.
I will blog soon about my home away from home studio, cause after arriving back in Atlanta, I just shifted my stuff to a different car and head further south.