Saturday, December 5, 2015

Continuing Education...

I have to admit....I love learning something new. I love seeing someone else's take on a technique that I might not have thought of. Add in the fact of not being able to drive right now and that means online classes/workshops/videos/podcasts!  Now even if I may never use the technique talked about in the class I just might pick up something else that sticks with me. So today Kristin and I sat down and watched a few online workshops published through Interweave.

The first was Digital Imagery in Fiber Art with Wen Redmond. 

This one didn't really give me any new techniques but I did learn a good lesson about Photoshop and look forward to playing more with that. I can definitely use some improvement when it comes to that program.

Up next was Art Journal Color Courage by Dina Wakely. 

We LOVED this video! Obviously we work a lot with color....shocker right....but both of us work very intuitively.  We have never broken out a physical color wheel, although there are several in the studio, to put together the color combos we dye.  The way Dina takes you through color theory is great for any level of experience.  She works so free form that both of us can appreciate it and learned from it.

We have a few other videos we purchased on Black Friday from Interweave. We will let you know what we think of those as we go along. The Dina Wakely video is an awesome thing to have on hand. If you have thought about color theory and you like mixed media, she is definitely the way to go. She has an open and inviting manner on camera that will show you that you can do anything you want!

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