Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday in the Studio

We have spent the whole day again in the studio.  The morning began with doing a special make and take for three great ladies.  They came in to make the Shabby Roses and each one left with 2 completed flowers!!  Here is a pic of them.....

After that we spent the afternoon washing out cheesecloth and perle cotton.  The last of the "have to" dyes are done.  Now we can do some fun dyeing that will be one of a kind specials in the booths.  I also started a piece with the hopes of finishing it up to meet the April 26th deadline of In Full Bloom.  Since we are in the studio 24/7 I thought I just might be able to accomplish it.  We'll see!!  I have to figure out how to possibly print out a photo so I can use it for patterning of a flower.  Hmm....I'll have to think that one through.  May have to just freehand it.  Once again if you are in the Paducah area this week stop on by A.I.R. Studio Paducah at 621 Madison St, Paducah, KY 42001.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Discharging Fabrics

We actually stuck around the studio for the whole day yesterday!  Hmmm...we are surprised at ourselves that we didn't do any visiting around town but it was good for production.  We got a lot of fabric discharged and it is now up online for sale at Fiber on a Whim.  We have only completed all the brown discharged fabric and are moving on to the blacks today.  

Here are a few pics:

I also spent time cutting up little pouch kits from our Osnaburg that will make their debut at quilt market!  The order with the zippers for them arrived today so I'm excited that I might get them completed and off the table today.  Last night I started making another confetti piece and hope to finish that today.  Also get a whole bunch of fabric in dyes....that is if we don't start roaming around which might be hard.  I think we are planning to go back to Kirchoff Deli today for lunch since the other day it was so fabulous!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Playing with Friends/Encaustic & Touring Artist's Studios.

We had a blast on Tuesday wandering around Paducah with a great friend.  Lunch at Kirchoff Deli, a trip to the Yeiser Museum, then the National Quilt Museum, a trip to Jefferson Street Studio (a must visit if you are in Paducah), and dinner at Max's.  All this topped off with our friend, Rosemary Claus-Gray, sharing her newest cool toys with us.  We got to play with ENCAUSTICS!!!  It was awesome.  In just a few minutes you have a work of art that is dry and finished.  We played for probably 3 hours or so.  Swoon......I want some wax!!! 

Here are some photos:

Rosemary and Mom...can't you tell mom really didn't want her photo taken??  Lol...

Landscapes that mom created with the wax on photo paper.
I couldn't help but run and get a frame to put the flower in when I was done.  I was actually surprised with how it turned out! Such fun stuff.

On Wednesday we started out the day by touring Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry's studio space.  It is quite a sight!  We are still coveting Helene Davis' dye studio though at Jeffereson Street Studios.  I mean who could resist a room filled with dye, jars, fabric, 4 washing machines, and 2 dryers!!  That would be pure heaven......well for us anyway!!!  The shop space up front filled with Bob's beads and Helene's hand-dyeds is gorgeous!!  You really need to find the time to stop by their place during quilt week.
1149 Jefferson St in Paducah 

We then met Kristin Williams who is preparing to open Ephemera here in Paducah.  Ephemera is to be a mixed media gem filled with great vintage and new items for all your collages/altered projects.  She's also planning on packing a workshop schedule to die for.
333 N. Ninth St in Paducah

Then we rounded out the afternoon with a visit to Etc the local coffee shop to talk more with Erin Hebert who is in charge of booking all the artists who come to A.I.R. Studio.  We can't imagine what she will come up with for writing on the blog as an interview but it should be interesting!!!

Now hopefully today we will stick around the studio and actually get some work done.  We really need to so hopefully we'll behave ourselves and not get tempted to venture out and visit!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A.I.R. Studio in Paducah!! We're here!!

 Here's the front gallery/shop area of the studio.

We have made it to A.I.R. Studio space in Paducah.  As I'm sure you can guess by the lack of newsletter the past two weeks were insane.  We've been dyeing fabric till all hours of the night/morning trying to get ready for the next 6 weeks.  We are blessed to have this studio space for 2 of those so that we may finish up.  It has been crazy trying to think of everything for our first time to Quilt Market to vend to other retailers but we finally think we have it all. Then again we won't know that till we are there!!!  Hopefully nothing will have been forgotten.

In the meantime here is a view of our space here at A.I.R. Studio and if you happen to be in town next week for the AQS show we hope you stop by!!!!

The work space area of the studio.

Unfortunately the internet connection is not that fabulous so all photos will be posted on here over the next few weeks instead of through our newsletter.

We'll show some of the work we are doing as we go.