Friday, December 25, 2015

Love Christmas, Need a Vacation. ....

I'm not complaining, because I absolutely love Christmas, but whew.....our kitchen has looked like this I swear for 2 weeks.
Actually someone had to have cleaned up a tad, because when I went into the dining room it was worse than this.
When we all get together we tend to play cards and talk and talk.....after 2 days of card games even the dog had to join in.  I mean really, does she not look ready to deal a hand. The Coke can asks Naughty or Nice...hmmmm, not sure.

Update on the pair of quilts we were gifting. The girls opened them and before I could take a photo, they had taken them to their room. Think that means they liked them.  The sixteen year old proudly told us she still has the quilt we did when she was born.  Pretty cool to have your time and effort appreciated.

Soon we will be letting ya'll know what we'll be up to in 2016...stay tuned we're   really excited.

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