Friday, August 24, 2007

MyFOXAtlanta Hot List

A customer nominated us in the category of Best Arts & Crafts in Atlanta on MyFOXAtlanta's Hot List. It is all determined by customer go vote for us! You don't have to live here to vote simply be a customer or supporter of us. The link for voting is below:

The winner of each category might have the opportunity to go on Good Day Atlanta the local morning show to promote their business!!

Thanks for all the support,
Kristin and Jan

Friday, August 17, 2007

Art by the Half Dozen with Pamela Allen

Here is what the basement looks like today. We keep joking upstairs that it looks like a bomb exploded!! They seem to be having an absolute blast down there.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Multiple Happy Dances

We've got many things to be happy dancing about!!

First, We finished our HOPE project. is done and looks great if I do say so myself. We are not going to be posting a photo until the opening of the exhibition which is Sept. 6th.

Second, Both of our pieces submitted to the East Cobb Quilt Guild Show got accepted. Mosaic Roses and April Showers Bring Mayflowers. You can see the pics back on May 30th of the two pieces.

Third, Pamela Allen arrives today. I go to pick her up later at the airport and she is here for the weekend. She is teaching two classes here and both are plum full! We've been looking forward to her being here for months.

I'll try and get up some pics as if I can get them over the next few days.

Monday, August 13, 2007

HOPE piece 99% done!!!

Now that this piece is almost done we'll have to move on to our Journal Quilts!! Here are the last few pics of us working on it this weekend. I'll post a completed picture only after I get the okay from Becca.....the curator of the exhibit!

You can tell it was getting the better of us......yup those are Taco Bell cups! Once again this project was a complete first for both of us.

I had to do all the stitching on this did that take a while. Mom had a pic of me working on it but it ended up being so blurry it'll make you dizzy!

We can't wait to show it to everybody tomorrow night at the Fiber Art Fusion meeting! Just needs a few more things and it'll be done. Yippeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend Progress of HOPE Pieces

Well yesterday was certainly different than most of our Sundays. We spent it trying to work on our joint piece for the HOPE show. Here's a few pics from that "follies" show.

Here's our helper Rocket. He just kept looking at us like we were losing our minds!!

We ran out of dowels so yes.....that's a #2 pencil sticking out of the top!!!

Missed out on all the early stage photos but this is the best I could do.

Lol....we do know we are going crazy!! We still are hoping that this actually gets us what we want.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Progress on HOPE Pieces

Here are some pics of the work we've been doing for our HOPE pieces. Guess we work great under pressure with a deadline looming. I think I've mentioned before that our deadline is Aug. 14th. I just finished my individual piece and there is a pic of one panel below. Mom just has to assemble her individual piece and she will be done.

Though both of us seem to be taken with this joint project we are working on. We have no idea of how the ultimate piece will turn out but our logic will hopefully see us through.

Here mom is hard at work on one panel of the piece. Lol......we're positive some of you are just shaking your heads wondering what hairbrain idea we got ourselves into.

A close up of the piece.

Top panel of my individual piece. There are two panels that hang below this one.

Hopefully Monday I'll have some more pics of the progress of our joint piece which we've finally agreed to name Nature's Prayer.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pics of the Sew In July 20th

Told ya it might take a while to get the pics since they were on mom's camera. Here are a couple of photos from that night. We all got a lot of work done and had a blast. We will more than likely have another one in just a little while.

Here's Heidi sketching out a piece. (Notice she's just free handing it with no pic to go off of. She says she's been practicing it for a while though.)

Everyone hard at work! (L-R Tanya, Sharon, Rebecca, and Carmen)

(L-R Katie and me- Kristin)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hard at Work Pics

Like I said we are hard at work on our projects for the HOPE exhibit with Fiber Art Fusion. Nothing like a bit of procrastination!!

Here is a pic of the beginnings of our joint piece. Lol....the one we have no idea if it will work out or not.

Then here is all mom will show of her individual piece. She won't let the fronts be shot!! Oh well will just have to wait till it is all in one piece.

Hard at Work

Well after last week's fun Sew In.....(mom took pictures so will work on getting her camera to try and post a few) .....we have been hard at work trying to finish up our exhibit pieces. We are members of a fun night guild called Fiber Art Fusion. That guild is hosting a show soon in September at the Art Place over on Sandy Plains and we are making pieces for the show. The show's theme is HOPE. Mom is doing a piece, I'm doing one and then she signed us up to do one together. She has been fighting with her piece for a while now but has seemed to figure it all out recently. It's in its last stages of finishing so she should be done by the August 14th deadline. I finally figured mine out and have been working on it this past week. Just have some of the final quilting to do and will be done!! YippeeeNow our joint piece is another matter all its own! I had an idea that continues along a theme of hers lately. When I told her what it was I thought she was going to bop me upside the head!! I explained my vision and then told her she had to figure out the basics of making it happen then we'd work on completing it together. You'd of thought I asked her for the sun and moon!! granted neither of us has ever done anything like what I came up with for an idea but isn't that one of the points. You constantly have to step out of the box. I'll take pictures of our individual pieces shortly and give you little tastes of them. I'll also try and take pics of our joint project as we begin it and you can laugh along with us as we blunder our way through!!!