Sunday, June 14, 2009

Noriko Endo Class at QSDS!!!!

I had so much fun the last 2 days. I'm exhausted but at the same time ready to plug in the machine and do more!!! I took photos during each day so that you could see the progress to the almost finished item. Noriko is an amazing teacher. I fully recommend taking a class from her if you have the opportunity. Also QSDS is a great symposium to attend. They do this every year in the Columbus, OH area and bring in high quality teachers. I'm proud that I was selected to win one of their scholarships and had an absolutely fabulous time. I feel like I learned so much and can not believe the knowledge I walked away with.

Here is the photo I used for inspiration. Lol...gotta love the pad as I was using it to cut down the photo.

Here are all the fabrics I pulled to use in the project.

This photo is a little blurry but you can see how fine I chopped the fabric. I had started cutting the fabric and Noriko walked by and said it was much too big. She took my rotary cutter and started cutting them a lot smaller.

Here is the start of putting the fabric down.

This is with most of the background down.

This is the end of Day 1 with the far tree trunks in place and tulle down over the whole piece. A lot of quilting was already done to keep the bits in place.

Here is after about 30mins on Day 2 and Noriko doing her "magic" as she calls it.

This is with all bits in place and tulle down. Now I'm ready to do the decorative quilting.

Here is the almost finished piece. I still have some more highlighting to do on the tree trunks(unfortunately I ran out of thread) and binding and such. I can't believe I did so much in 2 days. The piece is about 20" x 24". I can't wait to finish this piece and start on another. I either have to wait till I get home or find a store so that I have more thread!!

Tomorrow we are going to run around and visit Sacred Threads and another quilt show. Tuesday we are going to visit Quilt National before we begin our setup for NQA. Then it is work time Wed-Sat. If you are in the Columbus, OH area come on by to see us in booth #748.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Recent Projects

We haven't posted any of our work in a long time. This is some of the things I've done this year. It is not much and most are not all the way complete but that's typical right?

I made wedding invitations for a friend of mine as her gift. Lol.....that was an experience. I had a lot of fun making them and she absolutely loved them which is the best part. Hand tying 100 bows and making them all similar was a riot!

Here's one of the quilts that I pieced. It is a pattern out of a Quilts and More magazine.

All the fabrics are Art Gallery Quilt fabrics. This was the first time I'd ever worked with them and I have to say that the fabric is incredible!! The quality of them is so high. The fabrics had almost no shrinkage or bleeding. The pattern called for 3/4yd of many of the pieces and I only had 1/2yds. I lost less then a quarter of an inch with washing and drying. That is almost unheard of. I highly recommend working with these fabrics!

This is another quilt top I'm in the middle of pieceing. I'll add some borders to it but don't know what quite yet!

I made this apron in Florida so that I could do some painting and dyeing at the retreat. This fabric was awesome as it hid all of the dye and paint that got on it somehow. I want to add a button to the middle of the flower.

This purse was made from a kit. I liked the pattern but hated working with the fabrics that were in kit. Oh came out cool.