Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quilters Confession.......

Well,  I'm hoping to strike a cord with many of you out in quilt land.  Those quilts I shared in a previous post are FINALLY done, but they took over 2 years to finish.  Yup you read that right.....has that ever happened to you...your  intentions are good but your time just doesn't cooperate.

This was a shared project, Kristin did all the designing and piecing.  I volunteered to quilt them, that was to be my contribution. Open mouth insert foot.

 Notice that the fabrics are the same but the designs are slightly different.  For the one above the blocks are strip pieced, sashed in 2 different widths and double outer borders.  Okay, another confession...I thought I'd get a little fancy with the quilting.  Ah.....stupid move....I started doing a feather style pattern in the wider sashings this was taking too long.  For someone with arthritis in the thumbs and not a lot of time this just wasn't helping the time line. All quilting was done on my Bernina 1130, so I finally called uncle and finished it with diagonal lines.

This second quilt was done with large blocks of a single fabric, sashed and a single border.  As for the quilting I actually learned from the first one.....about time right...simple diagonal lines.  Confession I had thought about quilting each large block in a feathered circle.  This quilt would still not be done if I'd gone that route.

Time to wrap them and gift them.....I can hardly wait to see the girls faces.

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see what tomorrow brings. 

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