Monday, December 7, 2015

It Works.......

The knee that is, today was the second day I sat at the sewing machine and actually got some stitching time in.  Today I machine quilted the center portion of the Christmas tree quilt I just could resist starting.  After dinner I went back to finish it and once done I did have to admit that was enough for today,  tomorrow is another day. 
I did finish up the holiday wreath for the front door right after getting home from physical therapy, guess that was just too much for me, cause guess what I needed before tackling the sewing guessed correctly, a little "cat nap".   Once the pups and I did that we were up for anything. 

After choosing to use our hand-dyed osnaburg and linen I knew I had to make a couple of changes to creating the quilt.  I also choose a batik for the center panel which was a bit light weight I did not want the purple linen showing through, so I decided to piece the quilt with a muslin center panel, an inner border in the purple linen and the outer border in the osnaburg, versus layering each fabric on top of the other as in the original.  This allowed me to layer the batik on top with nothing showing through and I can fray the edges as in the original design which I loved.

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish the quilting so I can start the fun part.....

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