Thursday, November 12, 2015

Less Than a Week, Working.....

Yesterday I shared a photo of where I aspired to walk to, our master bedroom is over our 2 car garage so it is fairly large, seeing that chair "over yonder" with all my goodies piled around it seemed faraway and very cruel, beckoning me .......not fair.....actually had to kick one of the pups out....
It really looked inviting, my position sitting in the bed was getting very tiresome, so I moved myself and what I needed to work on over...
Actually did a little twisting and tagging of perle cotton.....and I do mean a "little", so not even a week after surgery I was back to work......well.....maybe I'm stretching that a little bit....
 Hopefully by tomorrow I will have a tad more motivation and open this "ultimate pressing surface for quilters", the Black Beauty from Steady Betty.  The moment I saw it and put it on my lap in Houston I figured that while laid up the special material that covers the board would allow me to work in bed, keeping things from slipping to the floor and out of reach.  It also seems like the perfect color for me to photograph what I'm working on so I could share with ya'll.....I am so excited to try out this product.....
Wore myself I returned to my favorite bed. Think you will see this shot a lot for a few weeks folks.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm Hanging in There....

I'm not a patient person, I like to be able to do for myself and I need to be able to move.  I know I need to give myself time.....that's easier said than done. 

As many of you are aware, I needed to have a little surgery.  This summer while I was doctoring for my back and hips they found that I was growing a little something extra in my right knee....a 3 inch diameter tumor which was called "Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis", fairly rare with only about 600 treated in the US a year. They also thought they could help me with the arthritis in that knee as it was all right behind the kneecap.  On Friday, November 6th they removed the mass and gave me a new kneecap.  Everything went well and from the broad smile on my surgeons face he was very pleased with his work, from my perspective it hurts a little bit and I get to reserve judgment as for how long it takes to bounce back.  I was discharged on Saturday, November 7th and after an ambulance ride back to the hospital because my drainage hole decided to gush, I am doing well.

For awhile I will be restricted to the second floor and our wonderful master bedroom.  This has been my view for several days now, thank goodness that Kristin picked up a pair of Wendy Richardson's ( hand-dyed bamboo socks for me to wear.  Just seeing them makes me smile and look how color coordinated I am.
Here is a glimpse at what I have surrounded myself with, hoping that I will have the desire to pick something up and do, versus just looking at the back of my eyelids.  I understand that's important too, but.....

Here's my cuddle pup, the other dog comes and goes as she guards me....
 This hopefully will be gone after my therapy on Friday, she would have taken it away on Tuesday had I known exactly where my cane was.  Think she felt I was leaning too heavily on it.
This is where I aspire to walk to, freely sit for longer than 2 minutes so I can enjoy what is in the basket and bag.  As I pull things out I will show them off, talk about how I'm planning to use them, or show you what I am doing with each.  Some are new things I bought during "shopping therapy" in Houston this fall, others are things I haven't been able to get too.....I'm hoping....that motivation comes my way.

Thank you all for your well wishes.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Whimsies-To-Go Workshops Houston 2015

Fiber on a Whim is once again hosting the Whimsies-To-Go event in our Houston Festival booth. Booth #2723. Workshops will run from Thursday to Saturday and are 1 hour long. They are just $10 and include everthing you need to do the workshop. Registration will open 15 minutes before the start of the workshop.  The first 10 people in line at that time to pay the kit fee will be included. Here is the rundown again....

Thursday October 29th

11AM-12PM Mixed Media Ornament/Gift Tag by Kristin Rodriguez

12:30-1:30PM Blessed Blooms by Susan Edmonson

2-3PM Petal Pincushion Parfait by Cheryl Sleboda

3:30-4:30PM Artful Coloring by Barb Forrister

5-6PM Manipulated Pincushion by Cheryl Sleboda 

Saturday October 30th

11AM-12PM Fiber Art Flowers by Barb Forrister

12;30-1:30PM Embroidered Burlap by Janelle Girod

2-3PM Bloom & Grow by Susan Edmonso

3:30-4:30 Feline FUN (Playful Puppy) by Amalia Morusiewicz

5-6PM Small Stitched Landscape by Deborah Boschert

Saturday October 31st

11AM-12PM Flowery FUN by Amalia Morusiewicz

12:30-1:30PM Small Stitched Landscape by Deborah Boschert

2-3PM Artful Coloring by Barb Forrister

3:30-4:30PM Blessed Blooms by Susan Edmonson

5-6PM Fabric Bead &Found Object Bracelet by Janelle Girod

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Whimsies-To-Go is Returning to Houston

Whimsies-To-Go is returning to Houston!!!

Fiber on a Whim is located in booth #2723
for the International Quilt Festival 2015

A few of Fiber on a Whim's favorite artists will be joining us in leading one hour workshops!  Learn a new technique as you create your own individual piece of art!  This year we will increase to a 10 student studio in our booth.  The workshops are $10 which includes a kit/use of supplies that will have everything you need for your project.  Registration will open 15 minutes prior to the workshop.  The first 10 individuals to stop by the register to pay the kit fee of $10 will be in the workshop.  We will be running these Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.....see the schedule below....

Photos will be posted shortly.....follow us on Facebook for the quickest view of all project photos.....we will start sharing those on Monday!

Thursday October 29th
11AM-12PM  Mixed Media Ornaments/Gift Tags with Kristin Rodriguez
12:30-1:30PM Blessed Blooms with Susan Edmonson
2-3PM Petal Pincushion Parfait with Cheryl Sleboda
3:30-4:30PM Artful Coloring with Barb Forrister
5-6PM Heirloom Smocked Pincushion with Cheryl Sleboda

Friday October 30th

11AM-12PM Fiber Art Flowers with Barb Forrister
12:30-1:30PM Embroidered Burlap with Janelle Girod
2-3PM Bloom & Grow with Susan Edmonson
3:30-4:30PM Feline FUN (Playful Puppy) with Amalia Morusiewicz
5-6PM Small Stitched Landscape with Deborah Boschert

Saturday October 31st
11AM-12PM Flowery FUN with Amalia Morusiewicz
12:30-1:30 Small Stitched Landscapes with Deborah Boschert
2-3PM Artful Coloring with Barb Forrister
3:30-4:30PM Blessed Blooms with Susan Edmonson
5-6PM Fabric Bead & Found Object Bracelet with Janelle Girod


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Paducah Workshops are Scheduled and Open for Registration

We have had a couple of days in between shows and managed to get our Paducah schedule in place.  We are once again the artists-in-residence at A.I.R. Studio from April 15th-30th.  We will offer workshops again during Quilt Week.  All classes are now listed and open for registration.  All supplies will be provided as a part of the class fee so that you don't have to worry about bringing anything extra.  Seats are limited to only 8 due to the size of the space so sign up early if you can.  I've included the schedule below but you can find photos and more on the website.

You can find all class descriptions by clicking on the title.

Dimensional Flowers
Wednesday April 22nd 10AM-12PM $25

Screen Printing 101
Wednesday April 22nd 1-3PM $35

Texture Explorations
Thursday April 23rd 9AM-12PM  $35

Playtime with Inktense
Thursday April 23rd 1-3PM $30

Journal Making: From Cover to Page
Friday April 24th 9AM-12PM  $35

Silk Fusion
Friday April 24th 1-4PM  $45

Next Show:
Cotton Patch Quilt Guild Show March 6-8th Athens, GA

Broward Quilt Expo  March 12-14th Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fiber on a Whim


Monday, February 2, 2015

100 Artists + 100 Patrons + 1 Day = $10,000 for the American Cancer Society

Whenever Virginia Spiegel says she is running FiberArt for a Cause we ask how we can help.  In years past we've donated prizes for the donors.  This year we were honored to be invited to donate a piece of artwork.  There are 100 artists donating pieces and we need just 100 patrons to hit Virginia's goal.  Please consider participating on February 4th.  You can find information by following the link below:

We have donated Tides I by Janelle Girod and Kristin Rodriguez to this great cause.  If you donate, you just may walk away with our piece.   Tides I is the piece that we are donating for this event. It is 16" x 16"! It is made up of our hand-dyed fabrics. It is hand stitched, embroidered, and embellished and set on a free motion quilted organdy background.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fiber on a Whim's New Hand-Dyed Silk Threads!

We are so excited to announce an addition to our hand-dyed products here at Fiber on a Whim!  We are dyeing up three different weights of silk threads.  They are called Luster (reeled cord equivalent to size 8 perle cotton), Shimmer (reeled cord equivalent to size 12 perle cotton), and Whisper (spun silk thread close to a size 12 perle cotton).  Each weight has a total of 21 different colorways.  They have that beautiful sheen you expect from a silk thread!  They are now online!

They will make their show debut at Road to California January 22-25!  We are in the Pavilion booth 1817.  We are also excited to have Lauretta Crites, IQA Award Winner, in our booth on Friday and Saturday demoing Inktense products!  We'll have exact times later this week but trust me you want to see/meet her!!  She is fabulous!

The silk threads are now available online HERE!




Fiber on a Whim