Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Few More........

I believe we made 8 new pieces of work, 7 prayer flags and 2 little girls dresses while in Paducah. In this post I will show you the remainder of the pieces.

This piece was created using "Collage Your Creativity" a pattern by Susan Edmonson Designs.  Over the last few months we have been displaying one of Susan's pieces in our booth, and we decided to work one up in our new colors.  This was a fun piece to make.

When Kristin finished creating the stacked landscape portion of the piece below I thought she had lost her mind, my thoughts were along the line of "how on earth was I going to do anything with this one".  It hung on the wall of the studio in Paducah for almost 2 weeks before I realized I was excited by the colors.  We started collaborating using this style a few years ago, we have learned that we look at them very differently.  She sees something, I see something, so when she turns them over to me to embroider and finish it usually is surprising to see the finished work.

This one caused me just a bit of grief, I tried several different stitches and colors of thread, tearing most of them out.  The color was either overwhelming or the stitching came across as out of proportion for the piece. After finally finishing the embroidery I was very perplexed...what color should the background quilty mat be to not overwhelm or fight with it.  "We" decided on our parchment and Kristin suggested I quilt it with trees as I had done several years ago on another quilt.  I think it sets of the "stacked landscape" portion well.

 This quilt was created using the Ripple pattern by Sew Many Creations.  You may have seen another version of this quilt in our booth at shows....that one was given to a dear friend.  Kristin is always happy to stitch up a quilt top using this pattern, she absolutely loves the how this pattern is written.
The little quilt below is a "tweaked" version of a Drunkards Path.  Sorry I cannot find a better photo of the finished piece which combines hand stitching and machine stitching.  
 These 2 pieces were begun at Paducah during our 2016 stay and finished during our stay this year.  Color wise they turned out to be a perfect fit to complement our newest work so they hung at market and our hanging in our booth at QSDS in Columbus, Ohio for the next couple of weeks.  If you are near the Columbus College of Art and Design in downtown Columbus check it out.
In order to spend time in my studio over the next couple of weeks I will have to work around spending time with my grandson....for many of you this is how summer vacation goes.  Stay tuned if I'm not totally exhausted I hope to finish two garments I have underway and I have plans for six new prayer flags.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Few Other New Pieces.....

This spring we decided to make all new pieces for our market booth.  I think it looked really great...
This quilt is called "Posies", all work was created using our 5 new colors and a couple of our other colors. The pattern will soon be available.  Kristin purposely limited our palette to see what we would come out with, I believe we hit a home run.

Since we offer yardage, we have been making more larger quilts and clothing, so here are a couple of little girl dresses made from our linen.

We then started discussing creating a couple of little pieces using traditional quilt patterns, but giving them a Fiber on a Whim twist.
This little modified bargello style piece was created using our new fat quarter pack called, Fresca.  Once Kristin was done hand stitching, quilting and finishing, she turned it over to me to embellish,  a little embroidery and sparkly beads and it was done.

I will try to get some good photos of the remainder of the pieces now that Kristin is home from market and before she leaves to vend at QSDS-Quilt and Surface Design Symposium in Columbus, OH.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finished Before Spring Market.....

I cannot believe that we actually managed to finish all new work for our booth at Spring Quilt Market being held in St. Louis, MO this weekend. Daughter dear announced before we left for our artist in residency in Paducah, KY that we were going to limit the colors we would be using to our 5 new colors and a couple others.  It was our lofty plan to create all new pieces using those 5 new colors, with me kicking and screaming....I could not imagine making enough pieces to fill the walls our our booth with such a limited palette.  Over the next several days I will share photos of the finished work and hopefully some shots of our actual booth.

A couple of years ago we began creating pieces we refer to as our "textured collages", so naturally the plan was to create something in that style.  These pieces are a collaboration between us, Kristin lays out the background, does some hand stitching and chooses a photo transfer to be used which tends to set the theme.  She chose a bird photo to transfer for both these piece,  this shouldn't be a surprise we seem to each have favorite things we use in our work.  Then they are passed to me and I embellish them with embroidery and "stuff" my favorite part.

Even though we limited our colors, these 2 pieces show how differently fabrics with varied fiber contents take the same dyes.   Our multi dyes which we do in cotton, organdy and cheesecloth allow us to have some great variations to use. 

Check back to see more of  our new creations. 

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

My Hands Have Not Been Idle........

Since the last blog I have been hand stitching like crazy to finish up all our new pieces for our booth at Quilt Market in St. Louis next week.  Some of the pieces are collaborations with my daughter and others are pieces we created individually.  Over the coming week I will show you what we have been up to.  All of the pieces have been started and/or finished in Paducah this year during our artist in residency.  After each residency we are always amazed at how much we have accomplished.

The first four prayer flags are Susan Edmonson Designs, I love Susan's designs and they work up well in our products.

For this flag I wanted to use our hand-dyed cheesecloth and I really like the sunflower design from Kathi Campbell of Heart to Hand as seen in her pattern Pocket Potpourri.  I added our hand-dyed ric-rac in both sizes, a bit of wool and a fantastic piece of vintage hand-dyed lace by Wendy Richardson of Quilt Tapestry Studio.
 With my confidence mounting I went "rogue" these last two flags I used a variety of products I wanted to highlight.  In the purple flag I created the flowers from wool, I had been dying to create 3 dimensional wool flowers versus the usual hand applique flowers I am used to doing, further embellishing with our hand-dyed rayon seam binding and lace. 
On this final flag I used our ric-rac to create the flowers it was fun and I love how they turned out.
Stay tuned over the next few days to see the rest of the work we will be hanging in our booth over  the course of the next year. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Creative time...Accomplishing so Much......

How do you feel when you complete a project?  Isn't it exciting when you finish a piece and it actually is what you saw in your "minds eye"?   Around the studio here in Paducah you can feel the energy as things are being created.  It is absolutely wonderful.

When we got here we had a rough idea of what our priorities were, you see while daughter dear was in NYC in March I pulled a sneaky and developed five new colors.  You read that right...5!  They will be rolled out at Spring Quilt Market in St. Louis next month, so of course we needed to make up some new designs using those new colors.  That part of the plan is coming along wonderfully.  The other plan was to finish up some collaborative projects that have been being pushed to the end of every to-do list for months now.  We have actually managed to complete a few of them...I posted some of those on yesterdays blog.

Here is what I missed....
"Serenity I" is one of our stacked landscapes framed in a vintage ceiling tile frame.  The gentleman who created the frame could actually tell where he got the tiles from...really cool.  This piece is for sale;  it is $65.00  (actual piece is 4 1/2"by6 1/2", framed it is 10"by11 1/2").
This is "Lone Tree I" Sold

 Then again you have to balance out all that hard work with a bit of play....right?  My hubby came to visit us and after our anniversary dinner last Saturday at Doe's Eat Place in downtown Paducah, which by the way was fantastic.  We strolled around a bit so I could show him other places we love, as we were strolling past the Art Guild of Paducah gallery window we spotted this beautiful cherry bench.  It was closed and he headed home, but midway through the week I got a text suggesting I buy it.  Well I'm nobody's fool....we went downtown yesterday, measured it, hubby checked measurements at home, I checked with the artisan, Hoye Filbeck to see if he had any other cherry benches in various sizes.  We went back today and bought this gorgeous bench, which will be perfect in our family room.
Here is a peak at one of the prayer flag designs by Susan Edmonson that I am working on.  I have been having such a great time making these little gems that I now have 7 of them in different stages.  Believe me, Kristin is probably tired of hearing me giggle and clap as I stitch, but I am having a ball.
Check back in, you never know what we may get done....hopefully a lot before Quilt Week starts next week. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Paducah, Kentucky; Artist in Residency.......

We arrived in Paducah on April 9th, unloaded both vehicles and collapsed.
From that day on we have been busy....seeing friends, eating at our favorite restaurants...oh and discovering more....and stitching, stitching, stitching.  My hubby even joined us for Easter weekend/Our 45th Wedding Anniversary.  As we did last year we went off around the countryside to explore.  Normal outing when traveling around like this is to stop and poke around the local antique shops.

Somehow Kristin managed to find something she couldn't live without and it found it's way into our car....
Returning to our are a few photos of what we have done so far...the pieces below are for sale and hanging in the front gallery.
                         "In the Distance I" is $150.00 (11"by18")
 "Bayou I" is $75.00 (7"by12")

"In the Distance II" is $50.00 (6"by11")

"Waters Edge" is $100.00 (12"by16")  This is a pillow created from one of our stacked landscapes and hand-dyed burlap in Cobalt.

There are more but my fingers are itching to be stitching on my latest piece....I will post more I promise.

If you are in the area or are coming to Paducah for AQS quilt week we will be open Tuesday through Friday, April 25th thru April 28th stop on by.  You can find us at 621 Madison Street in Lower Town.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hooray....One Done.....

Have you ever felt like "life" is conspiring against you getting any creative time?  Well, for the past couple of weeks that's how I have felt.  First, we had to make more of our Bindles in order to fill those orders coming in after being given a shout out in Quilting Arts spring issue.  Thank you everybody...we really appreciated all the orders, it made us kick it into high gear and make more than we have ever made at one time before...whew!  Secondly, I got this nasty cold, that left me with absolutely No Energy.

On March 11, I gave you a peak of a "stacked landscape" we had done that was going to be turned into a pillow...
Here is the finished pillow...done and on it's way to Lakeshore Sewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan as part of a trunk show.  If your in the area of either of their locations, stop in and check it out.
This close-up shows the trees,foreground and if you look closely the clouds.  Oh and birds.
Raggedy edges give my heart palpitations....just love the moods they evoke....all this texture draws the viewer in for a closer look.  Somehow it gives the work an added presence, something extra that a flat piece of cotton doesn't.  Enhances the overall effect.
Stay tuned....the pattern for this and the seascape pillow will be available shortly.
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