Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016 Planning Session

It should be considered a crime that this is our planning session today.....

The day after Christmas and we are sitting outside on the porch barefoot and in short sleeve shirts. Yup....Kristin is still in her pjs with an iced coffee in hand. We just keep shaking our heads at the temp but figure we need to make the most of it.

So.....our plans for 2016....they are quite different then our usual!  We will not be traveling to vend as much due to a variety of reasons. We have only 6 shows firmly on the books along with teaching for 2 guilds.  This is going to allow us to finally get to some items on our dream list. You know....that list that you keep adding "great" (at least you think are great) ideas to but then never have the time to execute! Yup...that one. We have spent the day flushing out a variety of plans that will roll out in 2016. Over the next few days we will share those with you here on the blog. We are so excited about what lays ahead for us for so many reasons.

Today's update: We are excited that next year's schedule allows us time to once again book workshops for guilds. We had to cut back on this in previous years due to vending but not in 2016. We have a variety of new workshops that will be posted to the website soon. So if you are interested in having us come do a program and workshop for your guild feel free to contact us at for more information! 

Till tomorrow.....

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