Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finished Tsukinko PCs

Here are the postcards I finished for a trade using Tsukineko Inks. Two are simply painted on using the applicators and two were done with a marbling technique. They were a lot of fun. I'm sure I'll learn a heck of a lot from Judy Coates Perez when she comes in August.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Work

We've been busy working these last few days around here. We've been trying out products we hadn't worked with before and trying to finish up old projects.

This quilt was originally destined to be a shop model. All of the blocks were ready to go (cause I'm the one that strip pieced them) but Mom never quite got them together!! By the time she went to work on them we were out of the fabric! So now she's putting it together so that come October when we do a reverse auction for BRA - Brazenly Radiant Art we can auction it off then. She had no idea there were so many pieced blocks left she has enough to do another quilt! Hopefully that won't take her a year like this one did!

I signed up to do a postcard trade on a Yahoo group called Surface Design. The postcard was to be made using Tsukineko Inks. Now normally you'd imagine if you signed up for a trade it would be for something you've used or know how to use. Not me though!! I signed up having never used them nor having any. We carry them here at the store and knew the logistics on how they were to be used but have never played with them. Here's my first attempt........I sure wish I had picked Lemon Yellow instead of Banana Creme but oh well.....

Here's the second attempt with them. I'm pleased with the shading on this one.

Now I think I'm hooked.....I want to play around some more. I know I'm missing something about how to use them better but oh well for now. I also can't wait till Judy Coates Perez http://judyperez.blogspot.com/ comes in August cause I'm taking her Tsukineko Inks class.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Somebody needs to take my temperature......

.....cause I really must be sick!! Now, now.....I can just here the retort of "Yeah, in the head" but I seriously hope that that only came from my good friends.....lol!!

In the course of prepping for Brazenly Radiant Art (BRA), the fundraisor we're doing for the Atlanta 2-Day Walk, I kept getting asked if I was walking. Now I can honestly say that I had thought about it but every time my brain got the part of where it is 30 miles in the course of 2 days I talked myself out of it. Well unfortunately I can't do that any more! I'm now a registered walker (this is the reason I think I'm sick)!! I've at least talked my aunt Karla who works with us and teaches the doll classes into walking with me but I'm still a little astounded by the 30 miles. Anyone else want to join us?? Here is the team page: http://2daywalk.kintera.org/2008atlanta2daywalker/fiberonawhim

This is where we will be collecting the donations for the art work when the auction starts in June. Now if you can't afford the $40 in order to get the piece of art work please do not let that stop you from donating what you can.

I even have a personal page as I have to do fundraising for myself as well. Here it is:
This is another reason I think I must be sick as I have signed on to raise an additional $1000 just so that I can walk. I'm glad to be a part of this event though because it is one that affects so many women, several being ones I know. So like I said before even if you can't afford the $40 in order to get a piece of art feel free to donate what you can even if it is only $1 it still helps.

While I know that I might not get many takers on my offer of having people join us for the walk I definitely appreciate any good thoughts you want to send our way. They will definitely help us make it through the 30 miles!!!! I'm glad I've got a good pair of shoes.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Past Week

Well this past week has been a busy one since mom is down playing at the Focus on Fiber retreat in Florida. I think she purposefully planned a lot of shipments to arrive this week so that she'd not have to enter them!! Oh well......maybe I'll keep some of the fabric waiting for her to cut fat quarters. She'll really love me then!

In between the entering of items I managed to get quite a lot done. I made a whole mess of burp cloths for friends that are having baby showers or have ordered more. Then I got this crazy idea that I needed to make quilts for my friend's kids. Lol....she's been giving me a hard time for a while about not making her or them anything. The excuse of the fact of I didn't quilt when she first had them is not working anymore!! So on Wednesday night I decided what the heck I can make 2 throw quilts before the party on Saturday afternoon!! Lol....my aunt thought I was crazy which is a typical thing lately but guess what I got them done. I kept them nice and simple and they are only 40" x 50".

This is for the 4yr old little girl. Her favorite color is pink and I absolutely loved the bigger green floral that came in with it so that is how the colors got chosen. She loved it!

Then here is the 3yr old little boy's quilt. The turquoise squares have frogs in them and the beige ones are turtles. I simply did 5 1/2" squares so that it went pretty fast.