Monday, March 31, 2008

Updates & Online Trades

This weekend was so much fun as on Saturday the first pieces for Brazenly Radiant Art (BRA) were brought in. They are fabulous and quite appropriately done by a breast cancer survivor herself. If you'd like to see sneak previews of works coming in and join in on the project simply join the yahoo group at:

As for other fun I've been having there are a few pics below. I joined a couple of Yahoo groups that focus on trades/swaps. It has been a lot of fun.

This one was to do 4" x 5" spring book pages to swap. The pages are from the following artists....1st mine-Kristin Rodriguez, 2nd-Leilani Pierson, 3rd-Heather Chalkley, and 4th-Debra Nees

The back view of my accordion book 1st-Debra Nees, 2nd-Heather Chalkley, 3rd-Leilani Pierson, and 4th-Kristin Rodriguez
Then I joined an ingredients swap to make a postcard. I forgot to take a picture of all the ingredients I got but I did take a photo of the postcard I made. Now it will be dropped in the mail tomorrow to make it's way back to her.

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Here, It's Here!!!!

Yeah......the fabrics I've been waiting for are here. There is Amy Butler Lotus, Belle, and NIGELLA. I can't wait to play with the home dec weights. We also added in some more Joel Dewberry. And......

The new Amy Butler Midwest Modern line is now here!!!! Give us a few hours to get this into the system and up on the web but they'll be ready to go shortly! I can't wait to play.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brazenly Radiant Art (BRA) Our New Project!!

So here is the announcement of our new project and in honor of the project our online sale of the week will work a little differently so please read below:

Brazenly Radiant Art (BRA)

You can make a difference!!

Fiber on a Whim has decided to take the Atlanta Breast Cancer Challenge put forth by It's the Journey, Inc. Simply make a 5 x 7” piece of art using whatever medium you wish and donate it to Brazenly Radiant Art (BRA) sponsored by Fiber on a Whim for It’s the Journey, Inc! It’s the Journey, Inc is a non-profit organization located in Atlanta, GA. They support local research, awareness, and support of breast cancer. FOAW will start collecting all donated artwork immediately. Please make sure it is some of your best. Your donation will be put up for online sale as early as June 15, 2008. The artwork will be available for purchase for a $40 donation to It’s the Journey, Inc. For more information on It’s the Journey, Inc. please visit:

Also feel free to join our yahoo group: BrazenlyRadiantArt_BRA

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've been totally salivating all week long awaiting the arrival of Amy Butler new and old and Joel Dewberry fabric. Mainly it was the Amy Butler Nigella line that I finally ordered that I've been waiting on. So you can imagine how bummed I am when wondering where the heck it was and why it hasn't gotten here I decided to call the distributor. :( For some reason they decided to hold the old stuff until the new stuff was ready to go with it even though I had asked them not to. Oh the scheme of things no big deal but I've just wanted to get my hands on it to start playing!! The good news is that 25 bolts of Amy Butler's newest line Midwest Modern will be coming with the old stuff. Now I have a reason for next week to fly by as I anxiously await the arrival yet again. Hmmmmm.....guess I'll go finish packaging orders so that I can leave soon. I'm sure something new will arrive tomorrow to take my mind off of waiting.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Arrivals

I always love when a box from a certain distributor arrives because I know it carries some of the beautiful knitting needles I love. They are the Brittany Birch ones. They are all up online now.....don't know how they never got there before but oh well. Then my other fun surprise was the box included the new Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool and Claw. I've been trying to get a hold of these for a while and they are finally here. I've already sold 1/3 of what I ordered so they are going fast. You can find them in the Needlefelting Supplies section of

This style has the needles much more close together in order to get great detail on your needle felting projects.

The claw is great for holding the roving in place or for blending it. It also cleans your mats!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Online Swap

A little bit ago I decided to join a few Yahoo groups. In order to see what is going on out there and what people are talking about as well as inspiration on making things. I decided I'd sign up for a swap on one of the groups called Fiber Art Traders. The swap was to make 4" x 5" Spring Book Pages. Here's what I made. I made 3 to trade and 1 for me to keep to add to my book when I get the 3 pages made by others. So in amongst all the people in and out today I got these accomplished!! Just in the nick of time for the deadline.

I used commercial cottons, stamping, buttons, beads, and dmc floss.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A few notes......

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and had a good weekend. We didn't really take much of a break unfortunately so our brains are a little ragged this morning. We're sure most of you can relate to having the intention of taking a down moment but then life gets in the way and you are not able to realize that wish!! Oh well.........we'll have higher hopes for this next weekend!! But in the meantime here is what's up around here:

Online Sale of the Week 3/10/08 at is 15% off the two new lines by Lonni Rossi for Andover Fabrics. They are the newest set of Paint Box and Impressions. They are absolutely beautiful so check them out.

March 17th.....we'll be announching our newest project. It is quite ambitious and we hope that a lot of you will jump on board with us.

March 27-29 - End of Bolt Sale.....we have so much new stuff coming in that we need a little help bumping off the little bits left on some bolts. You'll get 20% off the fabric if you finish of a bolt the excludes the sale fabric though. You'll also get 20% previously cut yardage (the ones wrapped up in plastic)!

Don't forget about the Challenge with the 2008 Shop Hop fabric as if you are interested you should act soon as yardage is quite low on a few.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Fabric

Hello everyone,

Well we are slowly returning to sanity although we've left all the "cruise" stuff in place. It will be up through the end of the week. If you didn't get a chance to stop by during shop hop try and come in to see the decorations and the special exhibit of work by local artists.

New Fabric:

Just received today is Lonni Rossi's new line titled Impressions! It is absolutely gorgeous and already on the website. You can find it at on fabric and then on Andover. It is the first stuff you'll see. Along with the newest colors from her Paintbox series that arrived last week. The fabric is gorgeous and going fast!

Coming Soon:
In about 2 weeks we will have the whole line of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern. It is so awesome and perfect for all her purses and spring tops!!
11 Bolts of Amy Butler's Nigella line will be here next week so keep an eye out for it as I will announce it as soon as it gets here!! I for one can't wait to make up a purse or two out of it!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Shop Hop Photos

Well here are the pics from our cruise. If I don't get a chance to label them all I'll come back through tomorrow. Please don't forget our Challenge with the Shop Hop fabrics. You can find information below about it. We changed out everything on the walls to be a ocean theme. Even all the dolls.

Here is our rendition of the Shop Hop Quilt.

The Beach Babe Doll made by Karla Stuber.

Here's another 2 dolls by Karla Stuber on our mantle.

Here's the palm trees that grew on our wall. They became a center for photos that you can see below.

Here's everyone working and somehow my grandfather jumped in the photo!!!

Chrissy doing the hula!! Wrong country but that's okay!

Our quilting basket.

Our knitting basket.

A silk scarf by Hellenne Vermillion.

A beach scene by Janelle Girod.

Here's some more of what we had throughout the shop.

A turtle made by Karla Stuber.

Here's the outside stairs. We had our life preserver and rope out.

The casino.

Two fish.

Silk piece by Hellenne Vermillion and Wet Felted Vessel (class on March 28th) by Heidi Miracle-McMahill.

Silk piece by Hellenne Vermillion.

Caribbean doll with her hot sauce.

Tropical Delights by Christina Felker.
Now I'm sure I forgot some pics but they might show up here in the days to come. Hope you guys all had fun. We sure did.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Well we are almost to the end of the cruise. I'll post more pics tomorrow. Here was the funniest one of the day!! My cousin came in to stamp the passports for us and he just HAD to try on the squid costume that was hanging on our manequin. He posed in front of the palm trees just for a second. Today has been a party atmosphere around here and we are having a blast. Just had to share the laugh.......

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fiber Voyage Challenge

Hi all,

We are still out cruising so when we dock tomorrow I'll post pics of the weekend. In the meantime, here is some information on the Challenge we are sponsoring. It features the Exclusive 2008 Hoffman Atlanta Shop Hop Batiks. The challenge will be judged with some prizes rewarded. Also 15-20 pieces will be featured in an exhibit at the premier Original Sewing & Quilting Expo here in Atlanta, GA in October 2008. For more information or an entry form email us at