Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dollar Day Inventory Blowout Day 5- Thermofax Screens & Paint

Today's special is all about Thermofax Screens and Paints!!!  All of our Thermofax Screens and ProChem Paints are 20% off.  The ProChem paints are a nice body paint that is perfect for use with the screens.  If you have any questions on how to use the screens, you can see our video tutorial here!!!  Keep in mind we are happy to hold the items through the end of the sale on Tuesday!

Exciter Pack Paints and a few other select items are the Blowout Specials!!

Dollar Day Special #5: 20% off Thermofax Screens
This sale even includes our Custom Screens!!  You supply the high contrast black & white image and we will burn the screen for you.

& ProChem Paints

Dollar Day Blowout #5: Exciter Packs, Tsukineko Inks, Shiva Paintstiks
Exciter Packs just $10

Tsukineko Inks just $1 each for remaining colors!!
These are not for use with the Thermofax Screens but we are closing them out so grab them now!!

1) It's 7 days worth of savings.
2) Starts December 26th and ends January 1st.
3) Each day will have a new category/item featured with a sale.
4) There will be one or two deeply discounted "dollar day blowout" sale items/category each day.
5) The last day Jan. 1st will have a special twist.
6) We will gladly hold orders to combine shipping of items
purchased through the 7 days but you will have to
complete/pay for your order each day. Shipping costs
will be adjusted on any following
orders in the 7 days.  Please note on your order to hold or ship.

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