Sunday, December 9, 2012

Welcome To Our House....

Once the door was decorated it seemed an easy plan to decorate the entry….well not so fast.  As always from year to year I did not want things done just the same way.  When will I understand that makes it more difficult?  So…..I took the hat boxes off the top of the bookcase and replaced them with the bird houses and cardinal from the porch.  Now, I was on a roll.  The greenery was a quick addition, this year all fresh because I had a plan for the all the garland in the box.
 With that done I could move on to the stairway….don’t tell, but I wanted this house just so I could decorate the 2 story foyer at Christmas.  Artificial garland has always been the base I’ve used; next I wrap it with lights.  STOP….first attempt....both strands dead…burned out.  My dear hubby volunteered to get more clear mini lights, stores, no lights.  He called me to say he had one more thought….bingo, he had found them…shelves full (remember this, it’s important).  Once in hand I put them up, well sort of…halfway down the home stretch the longer length burned out.  You can imagine what I said.  The next morning he went out and exchanged it, once again I put them up.  They were beautiful, I could proceed, but first I needed to process some online orders.  Next thing we knew there came quite a howl from our puppy that had gone down to the first floor.  As we raced to see what was the matter…..I noticed something  amiss…the lights were burned out.  Guess who had chewed through the wires and received a bit of electric shock therapy. Yup!  This time I bought 2 boxes!  She looks innocent enough, right?
 It took me 2 ½ days to do the stairs….maybe next year they will get a bow on the newel post.  By this time I went for simple…fresh greens, a paper ribbon, pine cones and cotton bolls.
I absolutely adore handmade things…imagine that, so many of our decorations are items made by various artists I have admired or know.
 The Nativity scenes range from vintage to newer.  In the bottom right is one that my sister in-law sent home from Israel one year.  There are many more pieces but I just don't have room for all the pieces, not even the sheep.
Come back soon to see where the elf goes next…I really needed him this year.

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