Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things....

Somehow getting back into the swing of things after the holidays seems to be harder this year than in the past.  It may have something to do with "volunteering" to do the quilting on some quilts darling daughter was piecing for gifts,  ummhummm they aren't done, but I am trying.  I began with a baby gift made earlier in the fall. Love how the quilting turned out on this one.
I remembered seeing an article by Heather Thomas in Quilting Arts in 2011 that had a Swirl Flower motif, personally have used swirls for years but not in conjunction with a flower.  It was so much fun doing my fav on this very girly quilt.
 Even the back looks great...can't ask for more.  Now all it needs is a photo label with all pertinent information.
Confession time:  I now have 2 twin size quilts in the queue and she is busy piecing 2 more for our booth at QuiltCon in February.  Think maybe the 2 for February will get done before the twin ones.  Oh well guess that means I'm a "real quilter" always have a "few" UFO's around.

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