Monday, December 10, 2012

Simple Kitchen.....

This is harder than you think, simple is not a word frequently used in my holiday decorating vocabulary.  Over the last decade I have thinned down my collections by offering up childhood decorations to my children, going from four trees to one large one and giving away some things, like trees.  Last year we put two trees plus lights on Craig’s List, hoping to give them a new home.  A couple who had just moved to Atlanta was thrilled; they thought there would be no tree for them.  We all felt good about that. 

My decorating “plan” was to use what was out and around, to just add some seasonal color to it or fresh greenery.   In the corner below some of you may recognize the birdcage wall hanging and ruler star from our booth in Houston and West Palm Beach, now you know where they can be found on a daily basis.  I just added a few vintage holiday postcards to the birdcage.  Then I opened the vintage green picnic tin added some pine cones, Granny Smith apples and a well used little tree.  The snowman is a hand painted slate roof tile I found locally.  Everything else can be found in that location on a daily basis.

Then I turned to my vintage green kitchen glass ware and a scale that sat in the basement. It was easy to put a few unused ornaments into the jar making it festive. I added a few pieces of greenery, pine cones and my Grandmothers “old” wax fruit to the scale, a few old fashioned candy cane chunks in the green glass add the finishing spark.

Next I turned my attention to the eating area, setting the table in holiday dishes is all it took to make it festive. At Sunday brunch this week my grandson did want to know why “that” was sitting in the center of the table….he was told that it was one of grandma’s frou-frou’s…humph! I thought it was a cute, simple centerpiece.

Guess this grandma’s frou-frou would explain the last two things I put up. I don't think two snowmen is too many considering the size of my snowman collection.  Love the hand painted canvas snowman, always meant to try some holiday painting on canvas, but it seems I always run out of time.  Then I hung the garden angel snow-woman on the door to the porch which just seemed appropriate for her. 
Hope you come back to see more of my “simpler” Christmas decorating…..

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