Saturday, December 8, 2012

Let the Magic Begin.....

This Christmas elf is just a tad behind, by the first of December our house is normally wearing all it's holiday finery.   The "North Pole" sign,  funny enough is pointing directly at the door to "my new favorite room".
Since the hand-dyeing was wrapped up for the moment I did use "my new favorite room" to stage all my decorating.  I used the dye tables to work on because the extenders made them the perfect height to unpack, stage what was going out to all the rooms and create all the greenery pieces.
 Somehow we have accumulated quite a few bells.  Our front door wreath has a very cheery ring when the door is opened...welcoming all who stop by for a holiday visit. 
Even the door to "my new favorite room" rings with the seasons sounds.
Santa and his elf not only left their hats, but someone forgot their bells.

Stop back for more peeks into what the elf is doing.

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