Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've been totally salivating all week long awaiting the arrival of Amy Butler new and old and Joel Dewberry fabric. Mainly it was the Amy Butler Nigella line that I finally ordered that I've been waiting on. So you can imagine how bummed I am when wondering where the heck it was and why it hasn't gotten here I decided to call the distributor. :( For some reason they decided to hold the old stuff until the new stuff was ready to go with it even though I had asked them not to. Oh the scheme of things no big deal but I've just wanted to get my hands on it to start playing!! The good news is that 25 bolts of Amy Butler's newest line Midwest Modern will be coming with the old stuff. Now I have a reason for next week to fly by as I anxiously await the arrival yet again. Hmmmmm.....guess I'll go finish packaging orders so that I can leave soon. I'm sure something new will arrive tomorrow to take my mind off of waiting.

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