Monday, March 10, 2008

A few notes......

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and had a good weekend. We didn't really take much of a break unfortunately so our brains are a little ragged this morning. We're sure most of you can relate to having the intention of taking a down moment but then life gets in the way and you are not able to realize that wish!! Oh well.........we'll have higher hopes for this next weekend!! But in the meantime here is what's up around here:

Online Sale of the Week 3/10/08 at is 15% off the two new lines by Lonni Rossi for Andover Fabrics. They are the newest set of Paint Box and Impressions. They are absolutely beautiful so check them out.

March 17th.....we'll be announching our newest project. It is quite ambitious and we hope that a lot of you will jump on board with us.

March 27-29 - End of Bolt Sale.....we have so much new stuff coming in that we need a little help bumping off the little bits left on some bolts. You'll get 20% off the fabric if you finish of a bolt the excludes the sale fabric though. You'll also get 20% previously cut yardage (the ones wrapped up in plastic)!

Don't forget about the Challenge with the 2008 Shop Hop fabric as if you are interested you should act soon as yardage is quite low on a few.

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