Monday, March 3, 2008

Shop Hop Photos

Well here are the pics from our cruise. If I don't get a chance to label them all I'll come back through tomorrow. Please don't forget our Challenge with the Shop Hop fabrics. You can find information below about it. We changed out everything on the walls to be a ocean theme. Even all the dolls.

Here is our rendition of the Shop Hop Quilt.

The Beach Babe Doll made by Karla Stuber.

Here's another 2 dolls by Karla Stuber on our mantle.

Here's the palm trees that grew on our wall. They became a center for photos that you can see below.

Here's everyone working and somehow my grandfather jumped in the photo!!!

Chrissy doing the hula!! Wrong country but that's okay!

Our quilting basket.

Our knitting basket.

A silk scarf by Hellenne Vermillion.

A beach scene by Janelle Girod.

Here's some more of what we had throughout the shop.

A turtle made by Karla Stuber.

Here's the outside stairs. We had our life preserver and rope out.

The casino.

Two fish.

Silk piece by Hellenne Vermillion and Wet Felted Vessel (class on March 28th) by Heidi Miracle-McMahill.

Silk piece by Hellenne Vermillion.

Caribbean doll with her hot sauce.

Tropical Delights by Christina Felker.
Now I'm sure I forgot some pics but they might show up here in the days to come. Hope you guys all had fun. We sure did.

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