Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Next stop Sedona......

Heading out of Vegas the view of Lake Meade, NV is a spectacular sight...from there we head south toward Flagstaff, AZ and our bed for the night in Sedona.

The next morning we were in such a hurry to do a little sightseeing that we didn't take any photos of the "red rock" that Sedona is famous for.  Trust me the colors of Sedona are truly unbelievable.  We almost missed our stop at the "Golden Arches" because we were looking for the typical "M"....this is what we didn't expect.    

Our plan was to visit Tuzigoot National Monument out side of Cottonwood, AZ.  The pueblo sits on a long ridge above the Verde Valley with views from the roof to die for.

Here's where we climbed to the roof.

After enjoying the morning outdoors it was time to hit the road again, final destination Phoenix and set up for the show.  The one thing I kept looking for as we drove were the Saguaro cactus the state is known for.....
next thing I know I see thousands of them standing on the sides of the hills/mountains like trees in the forest....okay maybe hundreds.
It official now.....we are in the Sonoran Desert.

We'll be home soon.....but for how long....that is the question.  Stay tuned!

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