Friday, January 31, 2014

All Work and No Play.....

 Who am I kidding, of course we had to play, by way of LasVegas and Sedona, AZ which was not the most direct route to Phoenix from Ontario, CA, but...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! We did finally make it to the Phoenix Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival to set up, but thought we'd show you a few photos from our drive.
Apologies for not posting...really working off this laptop has just about driven me nuts, maybe I have conquered it, but I'm making no promises.

We packed up our booth at Road to California and drove straight to Vegas, arriving to the busy nightlife. 
In the morning we rushed down the strip to Treasure Island to pick up......
these!!!!!  Our show tickets for Monday night......
Once we had our "assigned seats" we began our walk....okay more like marathon hiking through the various hotels/casinos to view the sights.  First stop The Wynn, fabulous decorating for the Chinese New Year...The Year of the Horse.  These pretty guys were all made of flowers, with the wonderful floral balls (below) hanging in the trees.  It was very hard to know where to look, up at the wonderful arrangements or at the fanciful mosaic's on the floor.  I don't chew gum and walk well at the same can picture the rest can't you?

 From there we headed to The Venetian and the legendary gondoliers, what took my breath away was the ceiling, wish I could have found that photo.
They also had decorated to commemorate the Chinese New Year.
 Next stop was Caesars...

 It was back to MGM Grand where we were staying to recoup and play a little on the penny slots....that didn't last long...I'm too cheap to do that for long.  We then began our trip back down the strip to TI to see the show.
 Stopped to watch the volcano go off at the Mirage....couldn't help it.....
 After Mystere we tried to hoof it as quickly as possible to watch the fountains at the Bellagio....didn't quite make it to the street level, had a pretty good view from the upper floor so to speak.  Then we headed down to the Conservatory to see there display.
 This display stopped me in my tracks....look at those wonderful Chihuly flowers.
That's all folks, it was a long walk back to MGM and our beds....I heard someone say that you cannot go to bed before 3 AM in Vegas....well it was 3AM my time when the lights got turned off.

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