Thursday, February 13, 2014

Waiting for the Thaw.......

We heard we would get more later on Tuesday through Wednesday night, but you know down here in the South you really learn to take that with a grain of salt.....well....after the recent Atlanta Snow-apocalypse it seems everyone heeded the warnings.  Everyone around us stayed put yesterday as sleet fell for most of the day, then sometime after dark the snow did fall.  We are grateful that the wind seems to have died down here because with the weight of ice and snow on the trees we could have a real mess.  Also grateful that we retained power throughout this mess.  Saying that, it sure is pretty to look long as I am "not" required to go out in it....

 I can say nothing is getting orders can be shipped, no product that was due in can be received, we did wash out everything that was sitting in dye for fear we would loose power; however it is not drying in the dye studio (more on this is a minute) and unlike the day before I'm not sure where to hang it.  At this point we are worried about how much we will have for our upcoming month of shows because we had set this time aside for just that pump up the numbers.  
Now about that dye studio....we had discussed putting in a wall unit heater I must say I looked at my DH and wondered if he had lost a screw, this is the south we never get that cold to warrant an expense like that.....can you tell I'm eating crow!  Honestly I figured a portable electric space heater would do the trick, wonder how many layers I'll be wearing today to cut up burlap and I will be working around all this.

Cabin fever isn't just affecting the "humans" in this house.....
and this is a dog with taste, that's silk she is wearing....hmmmm.....wonder what she got into...?
This one is watching reality TV.....the kids sledding down the street are better than nothing!
Guess we will keep waiting for the thaw....hoping that 70% rain Friday doesn't fall when it's 31 degrees!

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