Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wintery Weather Mix & Proud Mama Moment.....

Here in Atlanta today we have had rain, sleet, snow and apprehension over what will come tonight.  I'm a little slow in posting today, because we were dyeing and washing out fibers till late last night, because....now don't laugh....we went to the grocery store in the middle of the day.  Not necessarily for milk and bread, even though we did come home with some bread.....no 1% milk where we were....honestly it was for Costco chicken salad, then soda, Margarita mix(essential if iced in) and Color Catchers.  You know the important stuff!  This morning I went to the hand specialist so I can keep these old hands ticking....as my sweet sister says....it sucks to get old.  Now for the good stuff, photos of new stuff and what happens in cold weather.

We usually heat the dye studio with a space heater, however it just does not seem practical during yet another cold snap.....so here is how "creative thinkers" solve the problem.     
And when "all" the door frames over tile are full, what do you do.....
When these came down and got twisted they certainly look like "candy", eye candy that is...
Shhhhh! Don't tell DD, but here is a peek at our newest product line....how yummy is this.....as I was dyeing it I kept hoping the color would remain as vibrant as when I put it on....think I got my wish.
Now drum roll please.......DD will be teaching 2 classes at International Quilt Festival-Houston this fall.  She had a moment when she realized that the first time she attended festival she was 18 years old and now 18 years later she would be teaching there.  Okay that dates both of us, doesn't it?

She will be teaching around the country this year.  First she will be teaching Watercolor Landscapes (photo of the tree) at Mancuso's Quiltfest Destination-Savannah the last week of March.  Then at their Denver National Quilt Festival IX in May she will be teaching Watercolor Landscapes and her Mixed Media Collage class.

In June she will be teaching both the Watercolor Landscape class and her Mixed Media Collage class at the International Quilt Festival-Chicago June 19th through the 21st.
That's all for this Proud Mama for today!

Come back on Thursday to see how we fare tomorrow, they are telling us to collect flashlights, candles, extra blankets and more due to the coating of ice that will be on power lines and trees.  In our neighborhood we have underground power but that doesn't always save us from trees coming down on major lines supplying us, so we await what this crazy winter has in store for us once again.....I thought we lived in the Deep South!

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