Thursday, January 2, 2014

Studio Time, Well Sort of.....

We made a couple of new examples to send to the "distributor" to show what can be done with our hand-dyed burlap.  Thought everyone might like a glimpse too!  Here is another version of our Wine Gift Bag, we showed the first version in a blog post on November 17th embellished with a felted fall leaf, this one is embellished with Wool Pennies from In the Patch Designs...they sure did make a cute floral design.  Instead of cording handles these are simply made from a cut of matching burlap.   Makes a great hostess gift, very quick and the embellishment can be personalized.

 After also making another burlap Christmas stocking it was time to have a bit of "creative fun", so......I decided a little floral collage would be a great way to show how all our different products "play" together.  I quickly cut and "plopped" things down, then I took a quick pic to see how the placements looked.  Sometimes you are just too close and a photo lets you get a different perspective, it also ensures you can "remember" where you had placed everything when you move it and things fall off....oh yes let me tell you that was a hard lessoned learned AND it took several reminders.
 A simple quilted background or "mat" is such a great way to mount little pieces like this, not only does it enhance the small work, it gives it presence.  This technique is from Jean Wells book Intuitive Color & Design, she calls it a portrait finish.  At the time I read her book I was doing small embroidered pieces that I actually framed, problem was that didn't let me present it as a "quilt", this technique brought it back into the quilt world.  The "quilted mat" is one of our hand-dyed Kona fat quarters.
 The large flowers are done from our hand-dyed cheesecloth, the small flowers are our silk cocoons and carrier rods.
This just shows you got to grab a little "creative" time whenever and however you can and enjoy it!

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