Thursday, January 23, 2014

Set Up Day at Road to California....

Really we have a 7:30 AM dock time for set up...that means waking a 5 AM in Barstow in order to drive into Ontario, CA..

My first problem was the shower....the tip off should have been the curved wall when we walked in....but no, I did not look too close at anything....we were so hungry and tired that nothing else registered.
 From this view it looks okay.....but
 Kristin went first and all I heard was hysterical laughter coming from the "POD"..... she came out and said "just wait"....I knew instantly what that meant....a shower head that might be mounted at my chin or lower...okay folks I know I'm tall, but for heavens sake give me a break.  I'm too old for morning aerobics just to wash my hair.
Finally out the door and on our way...this is a pic of before the " ____" of dawn...
Truly watching the sun coming up in an enviroment not your usual really has an affect on you.  The colors were astounding as we drove toward Ontario which is outside of Los Angeles...Kristin couldn't really look around cause of the traffic and downhill grade...not me...I was clicking away.
 As we begin setting up we were stopped in our tracks by the trees inside the building, okay "tent....we are in the Pavillion...which was erected in the parking lot of the Ontario Convention Center...I did keep looking for birds.

 Done enough to call it a day....what do you think?
 Stop by and say hi if you are in the area, we would love to meet you!

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