Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On the Road Again.....

Guess I sort of fell off the wagon...we got so busy that I "forgot" to post.  In the mean time we have been down to West Palm Beach to vend at the Mancuso show.  Thanks to everyone who visited with us down there.  Now our wheels are rolling again...
Just a tad bit full....we don't open the back end very often as we night we pull out a couple of small bags and hope nothing SHIFTS!
The first day out we were both brain dead so no pics from our first few states...we woke up once we left Elk City, OK and headed west once more.  You know you are in the western part of this country of ours when this is what you see for hours.
We had a goal, Albuquerque, NM for lunch.  My taste buds were set on a hamburger with green chilies at Blake's Lotaburger, this has been the plan since October when we had them on our way out to Pacific International in Santa Clara, CA.....but

 The people going in and out of the place below which was right next door was amazing...however I just couldn't give up on my green chilie we finished and went next door to see what all the excitement was about.  Funny thing happened, a bag just came back to the car with us...we really didn't eat that time...
Back on the road again I was struck by all the abandoned buildings
As night fell we continued to drive and drive and the sun began to set I just couldn't stop taking photos...until of course I got behind the wheel in Kingman, AZ to drive the remainder of the way to our bed for the night in Barstow, CA....where we got to eat what was in that bag.  It was the best Texas barbeque I've had in a long, long time.  
Lights out...Good night Moon!
Please excuse the crazy look of this post I will try to fix it before the next on.

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Anonymous said...

The green chile stew is to die for at Rudy's!!! I've eaten at one in Albuquerque and one in Austin but we have one about 30 minutes from my house in Houston. It's a few blocks from my favorite hair salon and my husband was willing to sit and wait for me to get my haircut, so we could lunch at Rudy's. Oh, the ribs, too! Isn't traveling across country enriching culturally speaking? LOL