Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Big Announcement......

Do you remember seeing the post on December 12th as we showed off how "all official" we were looking?

How we may have lost someone in the photo below on December 17th?

The wonderful piles of color and texture, actually it seemed like mountains of the "stuff".

This was the end result of all that work!  We just had to lay it all out to see how it looked before we packed it all up.  This mountain of bright color is our first order shipping to our new DISTRIBUTOR.  That's right, you read it correctly, our burlap is being carried by a distributor!  All of this product will be available through them as soon as they receive it and get it loaded online.  This also means that their sales representatives will have our color card and we will send them a small sample of our burlap to show shop owners when they visit.  They can reach so many more shops then we can so we are excited to see where this leads us. 

It filled 10 boxes! Funny enough we were told this is a small order.

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