Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Working Our Way Through Arizona......

As we continued our drive toward the Arizona-California border I continued to snap photos as Kristin drove...dared not ask to stop, cause I really wanted to get to Lake Havasu, AZ and a BED! 
So I just continued to snap away......Love the sculptural look of these hills.   Don't know if they are natural or man-made they still intrigued me. 
From a distance I thought it couldn't be a teepee, but I got my camera ready anyway and sure enough that's what it was.  Most of the time as I was snapping away I had no idea what I would really get, but I remember my son telling me to just keep taking pictures, that with a digital camera it's not going to cost you a thing..your sure to get at least one good shot. 
 This bluff reminded me of a piece I was already supposed to have done....you know sometimes we get side tracked, right?  No promises but maybe I will have some time and manage to finish it now (after six months that's not too bad)...if I do you will see it posted in a blog at some point.
We arrived at our second nights destination after dark, but here is a peak at what we woke up to....more on our cross country adventures soon.

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