Sunday, November 17, 2013

On The Road Again.....

Finally headed toward Houston for Quilt Market...but not quite as direct a route as maybe we should have.  First a stop in Palm Springs at Hamburger Mary's for lunch...a girls' gotta eat you know...
This burger brings new meaning to the phrase "Holy Cow"!  Guess we should have asked about the size....or maybe agreed on one choice to share...'s the bill....
Okay so now we are on the road again, I think we've been here before...the landscape looks the same for miles and miles...
We decided to take a side trip off the interstate, into Joshua Tree National here is where slowing down you notice the subtleties in the colors.

Wish I'd paid more attention to the sign at the Rangers' Station about Tarantulas'...I really have to read more closely.  Glad they gave us a map and information on the plant life because this is nothing like I'm used to below is a Ocotillo, they have red blossoms in the spring and often in the fall, that's a color I'd have loved to have seen out here.
Map in hand, but really no need to navigate...only one road so far and I'm not suggesting pulling off of it...not sure about those Tarantula's.  However there is a Chollo Cactus Garden, that sounds interesting...every clump of cactus we think is it.....funny....when we finally arrive we realize we couldn't have missed it.

Great texture....feeling pretty secure..on a sidewalk, not in the sand.

Finally we see our first Joshua tree....remind you of the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax.
Love the bark texture....thank goodness for the ability to zoom in on my camera.
We decide to turn around and boogey, cause we have a reservation in Tucson for the night.  Two hours after we enter the park we are on I-10 and grateful for an exit with "services"....seems few and far between out here in the Mojave Desert.  This has the mother-load of services....bathrooms, cold drinks and ice cream....oh yeah....also General Pattons' museum.

Lovely sundown colors...
Remember I said at the beginning we should have taken a more direct route....that's because after dark in Arizona, Kristin got pulled over by the highway, not for of the headlights was out.  Now you'd think we would have noticed that don't you???  Well 30 minutes later, work order in hand...exhausted but with a couple hours left before we will reach our bed for the night.
Here are 2 projects we actually finished before we left home;
1) Our burlap Christmas stocking is from one of our hand-dyed fat quarters, one of our smalls and our perle cotton.    
2) Our burlap wine bag, you can actually get 3 bags from one of our hand-dyed fat quarters, embellish any way you choose, this one has a felted leaf on it,  Great way to make a bottle of wine look extra special this holiday season.

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Sherrie Spangler said...

Thanks for the desert photos. I used to live in the desert and am so homesick for those weird plants. Love the stocking, also.