Thursday, November 21, 2013

Whoopee.....It's Quilt Festival......

Okay, it's age...for me at least...after checking phones and my camera we didn't find but a couple of photos from Quilt Festival in Houston.  Now I could claim that we were just too busy....a very good problem to have...but no photos of our booth, our classes in Make It University or Open Studios...really? nothing!
We finally got to see the quilts on Sunday morning prior to opening....surprise....we are walking Main Street looking for the "Celebrate Spring" exhibit, wow....proud Mama moment as we catch sight of Kristin's piece front and center.

Kristin with "Coming Into My Own"
As I slowly made my way back to the booth I caught Laura Wasilowski of Artfabrik and Wendy Richardson of Quilt Tapestry Studio dancing in the aisles.....think this was their way of warming up for the day.  Both these ladies grew up in my neck of the woods.
At IQF in Chicago I asked Wendy to create a piece like one I'd admired in her gallery work...she surprised me on festival set-up day....isn't it wonderful. Reminds me of chilly northern Minnesota.  Thanks, Wendy.

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