Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Fabric and Countdown to Cruise!!!

I can't believe a whole week has passed since the last post. I guess you can tell that we've been busy! Shop Hop is now just 3 short weeks away and we've been trying to get our boarding papers in order. We are so excited about our ideas that we our bursting at the seams and ready to set sail now. Lol....but alas we can't begin our cruise until Feb. 28th. Just as a'll be boarding a ship full of fun, games, and prizes while you sail to the warm waters of the Caribbean with many sights along the way!

We've gotten in another shipment of fabrics....imagine that. These ones are absolutely stunning even though most are not "colorful". We just got in a selection of beautiful white on whites, black on blacks, and tan and creams!

Here's a few of the lighter colors.

The black on blacks.

And then more paisley and dots! We seem to be into them a lot lately!

More is still due in so don't be surprised with the rearranging the shop is undergoing because we have to find places for it all!

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