Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Lol...I feel like I should have a picture of a heart on here or something for everyone!! Oh well.....I'm sorry. Hope all of you have/had a great day. We had the best present of all arrive today......

The Shop Hop Fabric is finally here!!!! Nothing like sweating on it till the last minute! With batiks you never know what can happen especially with the unpredictable Indonesian weather but it is finally here! We are now at only 14 short days away from our "sail" date and we can't wait. It really just needs to get here already because all the days in between we are getting into trouble. Every day a new idea pops into our heads. Don't forget to ask us about our Treasure Hunt when you are in here for the shop hop!

The shop hop quilt top is finally done!!!! It has been handed off to mom for the quilting and embellishment. It hasn't made it very far from the chair I put it on on Tuesday night though! Looks like she's having difficulty thinking about exactly how to quilt it best. She has many ideas but is wondering how to work them all out. Doesn't help that we have 2 other projects we've started in this past couple of days that we want done for shop hop too!

With all the things I've checked off my list I still have one important one to do yet this week. We are putting together a "goodie" bag/envelope for Virginia Spiegel and Collage Mania! It will go to one of the contributing artists. If you haven't heard anything about it you really need to check it out at

That's all for today!!

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