Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crazy Weather!

Well tomorrow morning we set sail to the Caribbean with our Shop Hop! Funny thing is we walked outside this morning and it was snowing! Talk about crazy.....huge flakes just a comin down. Of course none of it stuck because it's GA but it was still fun to see. A little difficult to envision the cruise attire we will have on this weekend but least it will be warm inside. Even though everyone's been crashing early we still feel exhausted. I guess it's that nagging little habit we all have of the mind not shutting down to rest. You just keep thinking of everything that needs to get done! Well I think we have rounded it all up quite well. Tonight after closing we will decorate and have it all ready to set sail. Once we get through the weekend our minds can finally shut down and we can sleep like little babies. Man won't that be nice..... Well off to make lunch and then try and finish a quilt to hang later!

See a lot of you tomorrow.

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