Thursday, February 21, 2008

Altered Clothing Class

Yesterday Rebecca Reasons-Edwards taught an Altered Clothing class. I decided it was just too good to pass up on so I took it!!! I had been trying to figure out what I was going to alter for a while. It was closing in on no time to go to the Goodwill to find an item so I was really worried. Then for some reason I looked at the Ebay pile!! I found this great denim jacket that my mom had put there for me to sell for her. Can't figure out why she wanted to part with it and when I asked she laughed and said she'd been searching for it! So it got pulled out of the pile as the piece to alter. Rebecca was full of ideas and information for all on how best to alter their item but she also had us playing with t-shirts. Before we started on our piece we brought she had us alter a t-shirt as a way of getting ready. Here's my t-shirt that I painted with Lumiere paints through a stencil!! Guess you can tell I have sea/ocean/water on the brain as we close in on shop hop.

This was so simple that I could definitely see doing more t-shirts or using the technique on a piece.

So then it was time to move on to the actual piece we brought. I forgot to take a beginning photo but it's not like I altered too much about it! Here is the front of the jacket.

I hand stitched on with DMC floss a little thicket of bamboo!

Then stitched a strand of lanterns on.

Here is the back. I took a panel that my mom has had for 10yrs but done nothing with. So I took and put it on to the jacket. I then did a feather stitch around it in DMC floss to accentuate it.

Here's a close up.

I still have yet to cut into a piece which is my fear but after this I think I just might be able to!! I'm really pleased how the jacket looks. I kind of feel like I should do more but I also feel like I should keep it simple like the crane panel on the back.
Shop Hop Update:
It is just 7 short days till our sailing date! We have only a few more things to get in order for the start so I think we are in good order. We have a big "crew" coming in on Saturday to finish things up so we should have a breather at the beginning of next week!! That should be nice before jumping in for a long swim starting Thursday! When I announce all of the "Boarding & Departure" information on Monday in the newsletter I'll also post it here. We can't wait. Hope everyone is having a productive week!

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