Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a Monday!

Hi everyone.....

It is definitely a Monday! Now that it is after noon and we're back in the business least we think we are I thought I'd post to let you know what's up!

I wish I could say I'm done with the Shop Hop quilt top but alas I am not. I'm trying to finish it up so that I can hand it off to mom for her to start the quilting. She will quilt it and embellish it to make it look fabulous as right now I'm just not so sure of it! Maybe that's because one of the blocks took me 4 1/2 hrs to complete as I'd never done the technique before! Lol....also didn't help that when all was said and done it was too small. Rather than make it again I just decided to add a border. I know, I know I'm not supposed to fess up to the mistakes for you to see but I'm proud I finished the block all the same.

We came up with so many more ideas for the shop hop over the weekend it is scary. Now it will just be can we get them all done and in place. We will decorate the night of the 27th so that is only 16 days countdown! Even more fabric just arrived this morning so now we are working on getting those into the system.

Online Sale of the Week: 2/11/08 - 15% off new Marcus Brothers Fabrics. There are some absolutely gorgeous white on whites and black on blacks. Simply visit and the online catalog fabric section to see/purchase them.

I best get running as I've got to get a lot of stuff done today and tomorrow before the knitting group and Fiber Art Fusion meet here tomorrow. Gotta make sure there's places for them all to fit with all this new stuff here!

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